in Obi-Wan KenobiVader wears a mouthguard as part of the helmet in his armor because it helps him absorb air, which helps him breathe.

Darth Vader and his armor have always been very special items in star Wars Franchise business.

However, the shield, and especially the mouthguard piece on the helmet, has a function beyond just the iconic images. This mouthguard acts as a kind of mouthpiece that filters and absorbs air so Vader can breathe.

About Darth Vader’s armor

Darth Vader is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable characters in star Wars A franchise, both for movie fans and avid lore for casual viewers, it has become a prominent figure in pop culture since the late 1970s.

This means that whether you watch the movies or not, Vader’s dark and menacing silhouette, his dark voice and distinctive breath, and some of his most famous lines are probably something you recognize and associate with star Wars Franchise business.

The knowledge, history, and speculation about Vader and his armor has persisted over the years and is part of what continues to draw viewers old and new to the franchise.

This is true even in the latest iteration of the franchise with Disney+ Obi-Wan KenobiRecently, more new knowledge and secrets surrounding this armor have been revealed.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Why does Vader wear a mouthguard?

However, like all loyal star Wars Fans at this point will know that Darth Vader’s iconic armor and helmet serve a purpose more than just making the character look special in the movies.

In fact, Anakin’s body was completely cremated inside and out after his fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi at Mustafar.

As a result, most of Vader’s armor keeps him alive. Although other parts of his armor help keep him upright and walking, the helmet is perhaps the most important component of Vader’s built-in life support system, as it allows him to circulate air to his lungs and other parts of his body, allowing him to breathe more effectively. for him.

There is a pump and filtration system on the back of this helmet that pre-filters the air and circulates it to Vader’s lungs to help him breathe. However, the mouthguard piece on the front of the helmet is a spare air filter, which is also the air intake system.

This means Vader wears a mouthguard because it acts as a kind of mechanical mouthpiece, which takes air, filters it, and then circulates it through a series of tubes so Vader can deliver air to and into his lungs and brain. Other parts of his disfigured body were under the armor.

Can Vader breathe without the mouthguard part of the helmet?

Even though Vader has tubes in his throat that allow him to breathe for a short time if for some reason the helmet and mouthguard were removed from his armor, this wouldn’t be able to keep Vader for long.

He wouldn’t really be able to live and would suffocate without this mouth guard.

However, Vader has a few meditation rooms in which the air is compressed in such a way that he can remove the helmet and mouthguard and continue to breathe, eating without using the sophisticated piping system normally responsible for these functions.

What other features does a helmet have?

Although the obvious reason Vader wears his armor, including his helmet and mouthguard, is to protect his burnt skin and damaged body, there are some unexpected benefits to Vader wearing armor. .

As the shield covered the rest of his body and face, it was a very effective way for Vader to conceal the true extent of his injuries and help him maintain the atmosphere of intimidation he had in the past.

It also serves as a way for him to conceal his true identity and any links to his past may be exposed and used against him.

What are some disadvantages of Vader Armor?

While Vader’s armor and helmet with mouthguard are clearly important to Vader, as they enable him to walk, talk, breathe, hide his injuries, and more, there are also some very obvious flaws.

The armor is so massive, Vader had to learn to modify his lightsaber style to compensate for the extra weight and larger dimensions of this suit.

Electronic devices are also prone to electrical faults, and given all of this, the shield would probably be quite cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear.