Why does Alicent hate Rhaenyra?

in Dragon HouseQueen Aliscent doesn’t seem to hate Princess Rhinera, but instead, seems to be envious of Rhinera for the difference in her life.

Dragon House It has recently concluded its first season detailing the events leading up to the Targaryen Civil War, titled Dragon dance.

It finally saw Rinera start the war of succession after the duality of Haitian powers in King’s Landing to place Aegon II as king, despite the wishes of King Viserys.

But for viewers who missed out on a few details due to season one’s time jumps, one of the biggest questions many ask is, why does Queen Aliscent hate Princess Rainera so much?

But Aliscent doesn’t seem to hate Reinera, but she does envy the way the princess lives her life compared to her.

Queen Aliscent’s feud with Princess Rainera begins

When Dragon House Showing for the first time, Princess Rhaenyra and Mrs. Alicent Hightower were best friends and spent a lot of time together.

But after Lady Aliscent marries King Viserys after Queen Emma’s death, Rainera distances herself from Aliscent. Moreover, when she was named the heir to the throne, Rhinera began to accept suitors.

One of the first suitors was Sir Creston Cole, with whom Aliscent had feelings. This marks the beginning of Aliscent’s anger and hatred toward Reinera, as she engages in an intimate relationship with Aliscent’s crush.

The young Alessiante actress, Emily Carey, explained to diverse In an interview, “It’s treason,” Wait. I slept with him and I love him and you know this. this is not fair”.

Dragon House: Why do you hate Aliscent Rainera?

It should be noted that Queen Aliscent does not hate Princess Rhinera, as he appeared in the ninth episode of the first season when she stood against her father when he wanted to assassinate Rhinera and her six children.

But by the time they reached adulthood, the two former best friends did not like each other.

It may have initially arisen from Rhinera’s self-defence after Aliscent married her father the king without her knowledge, after which Rhinera bedded Aliscent Sir Creston Cole.

It was during the events of season one, episode six, when Aliscent gave words explaining why she was so hostile towards Rhinera.

After Rhaenyra tries to strike a deal between herself and Alicent in light of mounting speculation about the paternity of her three born children, Rhaenyra offers a marriage contract and a dragon egg between the two families.

But Aliscent refused, and sprinted toward Rhinera with Aegon the Conqueror’s dagger.

There she revealed her true feelings when she confronted Reinera and asked her: “Where is the duty? Where is the honor? Where is the sacrifice? You have trampled under your beautiful foot again.”

This was after she said, “What did you do, but what was expected of me? Forever clinging to the kingdom, the family, and the law, while mocking everything to do as you please.”

This reveals that Aliscent is not obnoxious but is jealous of Rinera and how she lives her life.

Why is Aliscent jealous of Rhinera?

Aliscent was jealous of the way Rhinera lived her life. Aliscent lived her young life without any particular ambition other than to win her father’s affection.

This ambition allowed Sir Otto Hightower to live out his own ambitions of climbing the hierarchy because he was the one who ordered his daughter to console the King after Queen Emma’s death, so that the King could choose her to be his next wife, which he did.

But while she fulfilled her duties as wife and queen, Rainera was able to live her life however she wanted, as evidenced by the paternity of her first three children.

When did Aliscent start waging war on Rhinera?

The first time Queen Aliscent went to war against Princess Rhinera was during the betrothal banquet for Princess Rhinera and Sir Lenore Villarion.

This was after Sir Otto Hightower claimed that her uncle, a demon, had taken the virgin Rhinera. But Aliscent later finds out that Sir Creston Cole had taken him and that Rainera had lied about it.

Furthermore, she made her father, King Viserys, to impeach Ser Otto by removing the king’s hand from the court.

As such, she wore green, the colors associated with the hightware rather than the red and black of the Targaryen, with which she was understood to be waging war.

Olivia Cooke on why Aliscent doesn’t hate Rinera

Olivia Cook, who plays the Elder Queen Aliscent Hightower, also endorsed the sentiment that Queen Aliscent does not hate Rhinera, but rather feels hostility towards her because Rhinera could abdicate responsibility, duty, and honor and would remain the heir to the throne, in contrast to a life of duty, responsibility, and honor to the crown and men In her life lived Aliscent.

Cook explained in an interview on Dragon HousePodcast, “So when it’s so clear that Viserys is going to pick Rhaenyra and threaten that it’s a betrayal of what I say or of what my boys have said, I guess that’s only when she breaks up.”