Why Did Soojin Leave The Group? Reason Behind It

Last year, (G)I-DLE’s vocalist, Soojin, left her group long after her affiliation. Fans are interested in understanding what happened that led to this happening. Before we get into additional conversation, we should examine Soojin’s ubiquity in the Kpop business.

Initially known as Website Optimization Soo-jin, she has performed some tunes working with the Young Lady group starting around 2018. Other assembly members included Minnie, Yuqi, Miyeon, Soyeon, and Shuhua.


(G) I-DLE made its introduction with Latata’s solo. Some of her popular tunes include Wow, Dumdi, Senorita, Hann, etc. If you have no idea, the assembly is under 3D square transformation. Before joining this, Soojin used to be a member of the Kpop band, Vividiva. Then, she left something similar in 2015. Soojin is a great artist without neglecting the selection.

Discussing Soojin’s take off from (G)I-DLE, the explanation ended up being pretty awful, especially for her fans. why? What went wrong? Assuming you’re looking at the nitty-gritty of her surprise vacation, you’re in the perfect places.

Soojin Left (G) I-DLE left everyone dumbfounded It was in August 2021 when 3D square Amusement made an official announcement that Soojin was taking off from (G)I-DLE. Her agreement has been terminated. What is the explanation?

It was calculated that Soojin harassed her former classmates. In a moment, we may be dealing with the equivalent of school brutality. In case you’re thinking, she was at Wow Center School. How does this relate to her exit? In fact, the Kpop singer as well as the organization denied these tales.

Additionally, Shin Ae, improving the artist’s website design, shared that it was Soojin’s group. The former was severely tortured by the artist, despite the fact that she did not take her name after she joined the spots that were all sorted out. Sojin’s take-off from the gathering was fundamentally questionable. It was she as well as Sujin: her younger kin who had been bullied by her.

This wasn’t just the end. Sujin’s “problematic” behavior during her school days after the truth emerged in the general community. It has been calculated to destroy a class of a classmate, punish one in an exercise center class, lead one to retain the movement for their graduation, etc. These episodes were extremely dangerous and sinister at the same time.

Knowing this, a portion of her fans began making savage remarks to her expressing that they would not tolerate a tyrannical jerk revered by the world. Then again, a portion of its die-hard fans maintained that the organization had not been well explored and had neglected to oversee or maintain their abilities.

Much to your dismay, an application has been similarly approved by over 158,000 individuals worldwide. His name was “Equity For Soojin”. Some have even mistaken the artist for being the difficulty and explanation for Soojin’s exit from (G)I-DLE.

Do you think Soojin will ever return to the saddle in a similar Kpop group? In fact, some were exceptionally persuaded, because they desperately needed her back. Anyway, regarding this, Soojin hasn’t commented on anything up until this point. Thus, we are not yet aware of what you are doing.

I hope Soojin is just gorgeous for her impending invitation days. You can give Soojin the following on her Instagram that is more updates.