Why did Daemon choke Rhaenyra?

end of the season Dragon House He saw Daemon strangling Rhaenyra, and he thought it was because of his jealousy and chaotic personality.

Dragon House The final episode of Season 1 delivered Episode 10 that introduced a surprising new side about fan-favorite character, Daemon Targaryen.

Prior to the events of the season finale, Daemon was seen as more of a gray character than a malicious character, like the other characters.

But at the end of the season, when he strangles his cousin Queen Rainera, he shows a new side of the character. However, it was not explained why a demon strangled his wife in the episode.

As such, theories suggest that his actions were out of jealousy and frustration as he understood his position as Consort King rather than heir to the Iron Throne.

How the demon strangling Rhaenyra changed viewers’ perceptions

Matt Smith, who plays Daemon Targaryen, is one of the fan favorite characters Dragon House Because his characterization in the series painted him as a grayish character rather than villainous, as is the case with most characters.

This is because despite his violent and chaotic nature, he was never violent towards his family in the series.

But when he strangled Rhaenyra in a moment of frustration, he changed this perception in viewers as he showed a penchant for violence, even towards his own family, which began to shade the character as vile.

Dragon House: Why did the devil strangle Rhinera?

The first season of the finals Dragon House She finally revealed what happened after Princess Rainera learned of King Viserys’ death, as she was later named the Queen of the Blacks.

The event also followed the Rhinera Council, and its efforts to rally allies against the Hightowers and Green Council.

After she is appointed queen, it is suggested that Rhinera declare war against the Hightowers and the Green Council to claim the Iron Throne.

Instead, she is wary as she initially meets Sir Otto Hightower, who offers her a peaceful deal she has been contemplating for a while.

This can be seen in the scene where the Black Council and Rhinera’s consort suggested that she declare war, as she was still wary of the idea.

Here we witness a demon arguing with her, which leads to her being cleared of the room, before she tells Daemon about King Viserys’ Fire and Ice song A prophecy he was not aware of.

As Rhaenyra tries to explain, Daemon chokes her before uttering, “Dreams didn’t make us kings. Dragon did.”

Hence, the series did not explain why a demon strangled his wife, as it was initially believed that he did not show violence towards his family.

This fact only led to speculation, that with Daemon he was jealous of Rhaenyra and was frustrated about how much influence he had on the Seven Kingdoms as consort king rather than king.

Is Satan jealous of Rinera?

When Rhaenyra tried to tell Daemon about King Viserys’ Fire and Ice song Prophecy, it has been made clear that Damon did not know about the prophecy.

Therefore, in his extension, he highlighted that King Viserys never thought that Daemon would be the heir to the Iron Throne.

This made Deamon jealous of Rhinera, because all he sought was his brother’s approval, appreciation, and love, which he never got.

Rinera told him about the prophecy he had never known about, apparently confirming that although he was technically first in line after his brother’s death, the king never considered him a suitable heir.

Why is a demon the catalyst for the Civil War, not Rhinera

In George R. R. Martin’s book, fire and bloodon which the series is based, Queen Rhinera’s legacy is not talked about much because she is considered the queen of half a year since that was how long she was in power.

Furthermore, due to the scandal of her nurturing past and the cruelty with which she prevailed prior to her beheading, she is not held in high esteem. But Dragon House Explains how the Queen’s loss led to her final decisions during the events of Dragon dance.

The series helped shed light on how she called for peace regarding the prophecy, but due to Daemon’s lust for blood and violence, the two families wage war against each other as Aemond kills Lucerys and Daemon kills Aegon’s son ll in retaliation, which, in turn, plunges the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros into The civil war lasted for a few years.

Will Daemon and Rhaenyra stay together?

In the last moments of Dragon House Daemon and Rhaenyra reconcile, as he is the one who tells her about Lucerys’ death.

However, with the Civil War, Daemon will likely spend less time with Rhaenyra because he is more bloodthirsty than Aemond, since he killed Lucerys.

While we’ll have to wait for later seasons to see how true the series survives in the source material, in the book, Daemon finds love with a mysterious character known as the Nettles, whom he orders Rhaenyra to kill. But nettle escapes, and Damon fights with Emund to the death.

However, his body was never found, resulting in folklore surviving and continuing to live his life with nettles.