Mark, a popular Tiktoker user, shared a new puzzle on a social media platform, and asked many questions about it. who killed Mrs. Smith.

People want to solve the mystery of Mrs. Smith’s crime, and they want to know the answer to it.

The puzzle is currently trending on social media platforms and has crossed over 18 million Views at the time of writing.

puzzle about Who killed Mrs. Smith Based on the testimony of the witness.

According to the famous tiktoker mark, if people are genius, they can solve the problem of who killed Mrs. Smith puzzle.

The mystery at hand relates to the murder of a young woman by her husband, the gardener, the maid, the cook, and the butler, who were all busy at the time of the crime.

During the police investigation, the officer asked the suspects about their activities during the murder.

None of them knew anything about the murder mystery.

According to the mystery, Mrs. Smith was murdered on Sunday evening in her home, and there were five people in the house; The question is what were they doing at the time of her murder.

Who killed Mrs. Smith Riddle?

Who killed Mrs. Smith The puzzle is based solely on five witness statements.

All five gave the same statement, But one person’s report was a little differentenough to know the suspect behind the story of Mrs. Smith’s murder.

The suspect suspects that she is strong enough to be arrested.

According to five witnesses, Mr. Smith was sitting in the garden looking at the stars with her telescope at the time of the crime.

While her maid was busy with work and the gardener was cutting trees.

On the other hand, the butler was looking for wine for the meal.

According to their testimony, the five witnesses were busy at the time of the lady’s murder. So Mark raised the question, if all the witnesses are busy, Who killed Mrs. Smith?

Puzzle theories

Several people provided their answers in the comments section; Some thought the gardener was the killer, some thought the maid, and most people assumed the killer was Mrs. Smith’s husband.

The term evening caused confusion among problem solvers. There are different times of the evening, the most popular being from 6pm to 9pm.

Most of the designers of the online puzzle game thought the gardener was the killer because there was no opportunity for the gardener to work in the evening.

Someone commented on Mark’s puzzle and pointed his fingers at Mr. Smith because his statement did not make sense; Because the stars don’t go out in the evening, How did he see the stars?

One group assumed the chef was the culprit, and made their point to prove their answer correct.

The famous Tiktoker told his viewers the riders, who gave their answer correctlyThey may be considered mentally unstable, or too skilled at a puzzle game. In the eyes of the police.

The answer to the riddle

Only one person managed to guess the answer correctly. Mr. Smith was accused of having murdered his wife.

Mike noted in his comment, “Sure, your answer is correct and you are really good at solving puzzles.”

Mark revealed, “You cannot see the stars in the evening, and it was one evening when Mr. Smith sat in his garden and saw the stars in the sky. Mr. Smith is the real killer of Mrs. Smith.”