Who is Tony McGill? Meet ‘Outlander’ Star Caitriona Balfe’s Husband

Like Toni, his star wife Caitriona is also very private when it comes to her relationships. At the time, many fans of the actress wondered why their favorite star did not share any photos from her wedding day on social media. Fans were very keen to see her beautiful pictures as a bride.

The price of desire The actress wasn’t too bothered by fans’ questions but decided to respond to a fan on Twitter who wanted to know why she didn’t post any pictures of her and her husband from their wedding. She tweeted, “Because this was for me, my husband, and my family. Sorry…but thank you for the love xxx.”

Do Caitriona Balfe and her husband Tony McGill have children?

The answer to the above question is a big yes. According to her Instagram profile, Caitriona Balfe and her husband Tony McGill are the parents of a baby boy. In August of 2021, she took to her Instagram and announced that she and husband Tony welcomed their first child into the world.

at that point, The devil wears a hoodie The star dropped an adorable black and white photo of the husband’s new baby hand on Instagram. I wrote a lengthy but heartwarming comment to the post.

She began by writing, “I’ve been off social media for a while as I’ve been taking some time to enjoy this little human’s cooking….we are so grateful for this little soul…because he chose us as parents.”

Caitriona continued, “I am already in awe of him and can’t help but stare and wonder about all the possibilities as to who he will become, where he will go and what he will do on his great life adventure. Right now, he looks so small and fragile, and I always think how grateful I am to live in a place, At a time when he was born in peace and security.”

As of now, Caitriona has not revealed the name of her baby boy. We hope she reveals her name and baby Tony McGill in the coming times.

How is Tony McGill’s relationship with Caitriona Balfe’s co-worker Sam Heughan?

With the great chemistry that Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have on screen, it must be hard for Tony McGill not to be jealous. But let us tell you, Balfe husband Tony McGill, and she stranger from home Co-star Sam Heughan has shared a great bond.

Sam even attended the intimate wedding of Tony and Balf. Not only that, but in the past, he even supported and defended the couple. At one point, Caitriona faced a lot of criticism from fans for missing the world premiere in London for the sixth season of the popular show. A stranger from home.

Heoghan didn’t have it and decided to tackle the situation and take a stand stranger from home Co-starring Caitriona Balfe. In an interview with Hello! magazine On the red carpet, he said, “Kate is in America, you just had a baby and now, with everything going on in the world, we’re thrilled to have you a part of it virtually.” Heogan and Caitriona are not only co-stars but good friends as well.

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