Who Is Rebecca Louise Press? Female Suspect Faces Trail Next Year For Killing Richard Ash

Officials discovered the body of a Welsh man from New Traidgar last month. The deceased man has been identified as 57-year-old Richard Mark Ashe. Officials found him dead last month in the mining town of Wells. Ash’s murder was too startling for him and for the entire city.

It was also reported that officials arrested 31 years

Who is Rebecca Louise Preece, the female suspect facing next year's trail for the murder of Richard Ashe

Who is Rebecca Louise Press?

A 31-year-old woman named Rebecca Louise Preece is on suspicion of the brutal murder of Richard Mark Ashe. Although reports have also claimed that Rebecca has denied killing Richard since the beginning of the investigation of those responsible. Rebecca pleaded not guilty to assault involving bodily harm to a woman. Reports from local media indicate that Rebecca appeared in court earlier this week. She appeared at Cardiff Crown Court.

The female suspect faces next year’s trail for the murder of Richard Ashe

Local media also reported that paramedics and police officials were called in the middle of the night after Richard Ashe was attacked and killed. Paramedics rushed Ash to the Elliottstown residence, but the medical team could not save Ashe. After the horrific murder he committed, Rebecca was the prime suspect in this case. Reports from investigations have proven this. After she appeared at Cardiff Crown Court earlier this week, the judge ordered that she be kept in custody until January next year. While the investigation agencies were ordered to conduct an in-depth investigation into this horrific crime.

Not only was Rebecca charged with the murder of Richard Ashe, but she was also charged with the fatal assault of another woman on the same day that Richard was killed. Officials did not reveal the identity of the assaulted woman in public. This news was very shattering and exciting for the entire Welsh mining town. The father of the late Richard Ashe has also released an official statement regarding the unfortunate death of his son.

The devastated father stated that everyone who knew his son Richard would know that he was a man full of admiration. He went on to say that he wanted his son to be remembered as a kind man. Ash’s father was deeply grieved and distraught over the loss of his beloved son. Police officials are currently investigating the case. Rebecca is still in police custody. We can expect some reports and updates on the case from police officials in the coming days. For the latest national and international updates, news and information, stay tuned with us.

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