Who is Nestor Hernandez? Suspect of fatally shooting 2 maternity nurses

Nestor Hernandez suspected of shooting in Dallas

Two workers at Dallas Methodist Medical Center were shot dead on Saturday, and the alleged shooter has been arrested. Let’s see in detail who Nestor Hernandez is and what happened to two maternity nurses.

What happened in Dallas hospital?

According to Methodist Health System, the hospital’s parent company, a responding officer shot the suspect, injuring him. Nestor Hernandez, 30, the suspect, has been arrested on suspicion of premeditated murder. According to the Dallas Police Department, Hernandez was released on parole for theft and had an “active ankle monitor.”

After two hospital employees were shot early Saturday morning, Methodist Hospital police shot and detained one suspect, according to officials.

Dallas police officers responded to reports of a shooting at Methodist Hospital at 1400 North Beckley Avenue at approximately 11:15 a.m. Saturday.

“The Methodist Health System family is saddened by the loss of two of our beloved team members,” the Methodist Health System Executive Command said in a statement. “Our entire organization mourns this unimaginable tragedy. During this devastating time, we want to ensure our patients and staff that Methodist Dallas Medical Center is safe and that there is no ongoing threat. Our prayers are with our missing colleagues and their families, as well as with our entire Methodist family. We appreciate the support of the community. During this difficult time.”

Why did Nestor Hernandez kill people in a Dallas hospital?

Nestor Hernandez traveled to the hospital to visit his girlfriend after she gave birth to their child, according to an arrest warrant that the WFAA was able to obtain. Hernandez began “acting strangely,” according to the arrest warrant, and claimed that his partner cheated on him.

According to the note, the suspect began searching the room to check if anyone else was present.

The note then alleged that Hernandez took a gun from his pocket and repeatedly hit his girlfriend in the head.

Hernandez’s girlfriend reportedly told police that he made comments such as “we are both going to die today” and “everyone who comes into this room will die with us”. According to the inspection note.

At this time, the police did not provide any further details regarding a possible motive for the shooting. Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia expressed his condolences to the shooting victims in a tweet via Twitter, and expressed outrage at the “lack of responsibility” in the legal system.

Additionally, Garcia referred to it as a “farce” that “under this dysfunctional system, we give the perpetrators of violent violence more opportunities than our victims.”

Who is Nestor Hernandez?

Police said the suspect, Nestor Hernandez, 30, had been charged with premeditated murder.
Hernandez was now wearing an active ankle monitor and was already on parole for criminal offenses.

It was not clear if Hernandez had appointed a lawyer. A request for comment from the county public defender was not immediately returned.

According to the memo, Hernandez shot and killed the first victim after they both entered the room. The second victim and a Methodist Hospital police officer were in the corridor when they heard the shooting, according to a search warrant.

Hernandez fatally shot the second victim after she was fired into the room. The officer then rushed for cover before shooting Hernandez in the right leg.

After his arrest, Hernandez was taken to a different hospital for Medicare. According to WFAA’s Rebecca Lopez, two hospital workers, at least one of whom was a nurse, were tragically shot near the hospital’s maternity ward. In the maternity and delivery area of ​​Methodist Hospital, staff members ran to take cover as gunfire could be heard.

Texas Nurses Association (TNA) CEO Dr. Serena Pompos, RN, called the shooting of the Methodist “unacceptable” in a statement announced Saturday.

The TNA statement cites data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that shows workplace violence rates have been rising in all workgroups since before the pandemic, but nurses experience violence at a rate of 12.7 violent events per 10,000 full-time employees, which is nearly three times Higher than “all other professions”.

In America, an average of two nurses were assaulted every hour in the second quarter of 2023, according to a TNA statement, which also cites a recent Press Ganey article. This equates to 57 attacks per day. “No one, especially a nurse or health care worker, should have to worry about their lives just to go to work,” Bombus said in the statement. “We hope lawmakers understand that we need to protect our health care workers.”

Tribute to the victims of the Dallas shootings

Jonathan Rayner tweeted,

Two nurses were shot dead today at a hospital in Dallas. If there are angels on this earth, they are nurses. My heart goes out to their families, teammates and patients. Save me meaningless thoughts and prayers. This has to stop.

Ascension Publishing,

After the weekend shooting of two nurses at Dallas Methodist Medical Center, we offer the following prayer in mercy and solidarity with our colleagues across the Methodist health system. Oh God, have mercy on us, we resort to you in times of pain and heartache. We ask you to pour your blessings on our sisters and brothers who are closest to this tragedy. Give them peace in their grief, comfort those who have lost a family member, and bring healing to the community as it responds to this violent act.

chirp pecs,

Two nurses were shot near the labor and delivery ward inside Methodist Hospital in Dallas, Texas. One of them is in critical condition. Greg Abbott will only offer thoughts and prayers.

Shelby Kent Stewart posted,

Two nurses were killed on the job in a shooting today at Dallas Methodist Medical Center, barely having an impact on the radar. Please, let’s not normalize this. What we can do is remove the root cause.

AJ tweeted,

I’ve never been scared in my life and I ran to my phone so fast my friend works at Methodist Hospital in Dallas and they were shooting and two nurses were shot. I can’t with these gun laws! I can’t imagine the shock the staff went through. Send a prayer to Dallas.

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