Who Is Martha Koome Husband Koome Kiragu? Kids And Net Worth

Kom Kirago, the last Martha of Komi, is an alumnus and board of directors of the Territory’s Non-Legislative Association for Humanity.

Martha Karambo Komi is a Kenyan chancellor who is the country’s central property rights holder and the main lady who stands firm.


She began her legitimate career as a legal partner at Matenge and Muchemi Backers and eventually established her own regulatory organization, where she held her position as a complicit supervisor until 2003. In 1993-1996, she was selected for the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) committee.

She began her job on Monday, May 24, 2021, in the Supreme Court to serve in the office of suspicion service as Vice President, Philomena Muilu, gave the tools of power to approaching Boss Equity.

He is a graduate and board member of the non-legislative association “Environment for Humanity”. His association “Environment for Humanity” is committed to improving the lives of individuals through adequate housing, disinfection, residence in the land, use of water, and the power grid.

Cooperates with monetary institutions to provide decent housing for the needy and vulnerable in the Kenyan people group. In 2018, Koome received a staggering Kenyan shilling. 96 million to develop low-wage housing.

Organizing with the Homa Cove County Organization, he developed 120 dwellings at the expense of Ksh overall. 800,000 per unit.

How many children does Martha Comey have? She is the wife of Kom Kirago and the mother of three advanced children. Her children’s names are Kelvin, Nakirot, and Kaguira Kumi.

Nkirote Koome is a Luminate Free Media partner who previously worked for the Portage Foundation.

She has also held a program partner position at several colleges, making her a balanced scholar who emulates her mother’s example.

Despite her extensive involvement in the program plan and implementation of a more advanced life, Kagwiria Koome is a worldwide improvement specialist.

She handles a high-impact awards group in agriculture at the Rockefeller Foundation, focusing on changing food frameworks to move nutritious food varieties while preserving the climate.

Unfortunately, there is no data about Kelvin as he has taken his secret life away from virtual entertainment and the press. The child hates public appearances because he likes to take care of his own affairs.

How Much Assets Martha Com Total? Komi is perhaps one of the richest individuals in the Republic of Kenya. Its total assets are around $6.7 million. She made her fortune through her legal vocation, which she pursued for a long time.

Supreme Court justices currently receive a limit of Sh1,000,974 each year, up from Sh907,279. SRC has provided the Securities Commission with a structured and structured payment of statutory officers, indicating that the compensation of Central Equity will remain at 1.3 million shillings.

She continues her direct life with her family, and she deeply values ​​her organization. Investing energy with her family is one of her #1 activities. Since she was a child, she has resided in her old neighborhood with her half.