What Was Dinkybliss Potsane Cause Of Death? Big Brother Mzansi’s Dies At 30

What was the cause of Dinkybliss Potsane’s death? Big Brother Mzansi dies at the age of 30:- BBMzansi nickname Rethabile Potsane is said to be no longer among her confidants and admirers as her unfortunate passing occurred on November 13, 2023 at Hillbrow Clinic, South Africa. Yes, you heard well, the deceased caught her last breath after her intense battle against severe medical complications that were constantly bothering her in a certain way. As soon as the news spread on social media, countless tributes began to pay tribute to her, expressing their anger at her loss, as no one even imagined that she would leave the globe like this.

What was the cause of death of Dinkybliss Potsane the death of older brother Mzansi

According to reports or exclusive sources, currently, the exact reason behind her unfortunate departure is still known, as no statement or reaction has been issued by her family. Amidst few reports claiming that she was diagnosed with such a complication which affected her so much, hence she has remained under medical observation as well. Until the medical team can bring her back alive while insulin with proper treatment but unfortunately her health refused to accept treatment as there are no viable medicines to fight her health problems and thus she had to leave the world.

Who Was Rethabile Potsane?

BBmzansi alias Rethabile Potsane was a South African based character who rose to fame with Big Brother Mzanzi Season 3, where she was a contestant and her controversial material became popular overnight. Thus, her followers were also very high because of that, her fans loved stalking her on social media.

Besides, she was also known as an influencer who usually comes live on social media to encourage her fans to pursue their dreams. But the past few months had not been good for her as she posted such posts while claiming to be depressed by such things, and soon news of her passing came out while breaking countless hearts.

What was the cause of Dinkybliss Potsane’s death?

The unfortunate news was confirmed by popular entertainment commentator and hot sensation Phil Mphela via Twitter where she wrote an emotional comment while RIP Rethabile mentioned “Dinkybliss”. Since her fans learned about the news, their shocked reactions emerged as they had never even imagined that she would leave the world like this, while leaving them in deep shock. But as of now, no statement regarding her funeral has been made from her family yet, so we will pray for her womb in peace in heaven (RIP Rethabile Potsane).