What Prompted Aegon to Wed his Own Sister? Find Out The Number of Children He Had with Princess Helaena Targaryen 

What prompted Aegon to marry his personal sister? Find out the quantity of youngsters they’ve with Princess Helena Targaryen

Helena Targaryen was Aegon Targaryen’s sister, and the 2 of them received married in order that Aegon’s youngsters would have a pure Valyrian look and have a robust bloodline.

The marriage of Aegon Targaryen and his sister exhibits that their household line maintains its integrity, making them extra highly effective. This is a time-honored Targaryen customized that has been noticed for a lot of many years and even centuries.

Aegon, often known as Aegon II Targaryen, was the sixth Targaryen king to sit on the Iron Throne. In addition, he was the kid of Viserys I Targaryen, the fifth king of the Targaryens, and Alicent Hightower.

Aegon Targaryen has an older half-sister named Princess Renera Targaryen. As a direct outcome of this, Aegon and Rainera participated within the civil conflict that was fought for the crown. The battle was often known as the Dance of the Dragons, and resulted within the defeat of each Aegon and Rabera.

Helena was Aegon’s youthful sister, they usually had been married. The couple raised three youngsters all through their time collectively. Perhaps,

Tom Glynn-Carney and Phia Saban are actors taking part in Aegon and Helena, respectively, within the tv collection House of Dragons.


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What prompted Aegon to marry his personal sister?

Aegon’s mom Alicent Hightower pressured her to marry her sister, so she did. Aegon is now married to his sister. The political system of the state is the first motivation behind marriage.

In the context of the Civil War of the House of the Dragon, the partnership did an act that was extraordinarily necessary.

In the seventh episode of House of the Dragon, Damon and Rainera get married to strengthen their partnership and enhance their energy in opposition to the Sag. During that point, Prince Aegon was terrified on the prospect of marrying his sister Helena.

Aegon discovered it unusual to marry his personal sister. Nevertheless, it was a crucial technique employed by Queen Alicent. This was an necessary issue within the consequence of the battle.

In the seventh episode of House of the Dragon, Aegon’s brother Aemond makes reference to the upcoming marriage of his siblings, throughout which he claims that the union would strengthen the Iron Throne and enhance his Valyrian legacy.

Even the Targaryen customized of marrying inside the household ensures that members of the Targaryen household will all the time maintain a extra distinguished place in society. Aegon and Helena are each descendants of the true Targaryens, making them heirs to their household.

Alicent ends any hope of Rahanya’s youngster and Helena’s marriage within the sixth episode of “House of the Dragon”. Despite this, if Helena and Jacarius had tied the knot, it could have introduced House Targaryen nearer collectively, and maybe there would have been no wrestle for the crown. However, Aegon’s mom made it unattainable for that to occur.

Fia Saban gave a efficiency as Helena Targaryen within the tv collection House of the Dragon, which aired on HBO.

Aegon and Helena’s Reunion

In the House of Dragons saga, blood was a key think about growing the facility of the Targaryen bloodline and performed an necessary position within the battle over who would sit on the Iron Throne. As a outcome of this, the Green Party’s reputable emphasis shifted after their marriage they usually had been producing youngsters who had been pure-blooded Targaryens.

In addition, marriage introduced their household nearer collectively, making them a stronger and extra united entrance for the Saag. Additionally, Alicent believed that they might solely belief their members of the family extra totally than anybody else. Therefore, the wedding between the dragon dreamer Helena Targaryen and Aegon would end in any battle with the opposite peoples.

Rainera’s marriage to Damon, alternatively, is an efficient counterpoint to Aegon’s engagement. Given that the couple’s offspring will inherit a stronger bloodline than the offspring of Aegon and Helena, each Aegon and Helena are depicted within the collection as having Hightower and Targaryen blood.

Aegon married Helena lengthy earlier than the outbreak of the Civil War.

Before the civil conflict often known as the Dance of the Dragons started, Aegon married his youthful sister. In the eighth episode of “House of the Dragon”, the couple turned the dad and mom of their youngsters.

During their marriage, Aegon continuously lamented that he and Helena had nothing in widespread. Nevertheless, her brother Amond Targaryen insisted that she was a member of his household and inherit
or to the Targaryen throne.

If Amond’s mom, Alicent, had deliberate a marriage ceremony for her son and his sister, Helena, as an alternative of Aegon, Amond would have been married to Helena. Little Targaryen was conscious of his duty and had an excellent understanding of his mom’s marriage ceremony plans.

Aamond is conscious of his mom’s political maneuvers and her position in securing her place on the Iron Throne.

How many youngsters Aegon had with Princess Helena Targaryen is unknown.

Three youngsters had been born to Aegon and Princess Helena Targaryen throughout their marriage. Additionally, the couple has a gaggle of twins named Zeheriz and Zehera. Melor is the youthful of two sons.

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Prince Jharrys Targaryen of the House Targaryen

Yaheriz, the son of King Aegon and Queen Helena, was often known as Zeheriz. He was the firstborn son of the sixth king, to whom he succeeded. In addition, he was shut to the road main up to the Iron Throne. His equivalent twin sister’s identify is Zaheera, and his youthful brother’s identify is Melor.

Compared to her equivalent twin sister, Jahries had higher total well being. The character is born with six fingers on every hand and 6 fingers on every foot. Additionally, he was born within the yr 123 AC, which occurred after the wedding of his dad and mom. King Viserys I Targaryen insisted that his son was the rightful inheritor to the throne.

During the yr 129 AC, Zeherys, Zehera, Melor, and Heald Targaryen go to Zeherys’ grandfather. Zeheriz was solely six years outdated when King Viserys I of Targaryen breathed his final. Because of this, his father was promoted to the rank of king, and he himself turned the de facto inheritor to the dominion.

Princess Zehera Targaryen

She was the daughter of Aegon and Helena, and her identify was Jahera. After the dying of her dad and mom and brother, she married her cousin Aegon III Targaryen and have become his first spouse. Aegon III was the king of Targaryen. His destiny was tied with that of the dragon Muggle. He had a extra slender construct than his equivalent twin brother.

Zehera and Aegon III Targaryen resolve to marry as a method to settle their variations and make peace. She was solely 8 years outdated when she weeded, and Aegon was solely 11 years outdated. She handed away simply two years after her marriage to her husband.

Melor Targaryen, Prince of Targaryen

Melor was the second son of Aegon and Queen Helena, and their second son total. He was prevented from utilizing a dragon’s egg. Additionally, he was the third son of Aegon and was born within the yr 127 AD. During a go to by his grandfather, King Viserys I of Targaryen, he toyed with the pearl ring, which had been faraway from Viserys’ finger.

Melor was simply two years outdated when his father assumed the Iron Throne, however he shortly turned the second most ardent contender for the throne. After that, he was murdered by his older brother, Zeheriz. Melor was the kid her mom selected after she provided to select between the youngsters.

After the dying of Melor’s brother, he rose to the rank of Prince of Dragonstone. After this he left this world within the yr 130 AC within the metropolis of Bitterbridge.


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fast Facts

Full Name Aegon Targaryen the Second of His Name
ancestors Viserys I Targaryen
Government 129 AC – 131 AC
inheritor Aegon III Targaryen
Children First: Zeherys Targaryen (129 AD), Second: Melor Targaryen (129–130 AD), Third: Aegon Targaryen (130–131 AD)
title Roynar, king of Andal, and first man, lord of the seven kingdoms
surname Aegon the Elder
born 107 AC. In
start thumb King’s Landing
dying 131 at King’s Landing in AC
tradition crownlands
Royal House House Targaryen
spouse Helena Targaryen
father Viserys I Targaryen
Mother Alicent Hightower
private weapon a golden three-

questions to ask

Why did Aegon marry his sister?

To enhance his energy in opposition to the Sagas, Aegon married his sister.

How many youngsters do Aegon and Helena Targaryen have?

Zeherys, Zehera
and Melor Aegon and Helena Targaryen have three youngsters.