What Happened To Tim Newtown?

Unfortunately, Tim Newman’s life ended when he was killed by Joseph Glenn Campbell, his next-door neighbor.

Those who live close to each other sometimes exaggerate their differences, and the “Fear Your Neighbor” report on the ID card investigates these crimes.

The series uses interviews and reenactments to tell the stories of what happened.

“Mountain of Madness,” which aired during Episode 9 of Season 4, is another example of how trivialities can quickly turn into deadly scenarios that no one has ever dreamed of.

What followed the shooting was an investigation into whether it was justified. So here’s what we know about Joseph today and what happened after the first incident.

Who is Joseph Glenn Campbell?

Joseph Campbell stayed 20 miles from Augusta, Montana, with partner Tani Converse. He had been dating Tim Newman since 2002, but they became friends.

However, things looked different after some years.

Joseph and Tim have been arguing for months about access to public lands that can only be accessed through Joseph’s private property.

While Tim thought he deserved free access, Joseph had put locks on the fence to control who got in.

Over the course of just a few years, Joseph Glenn Campbell collected 25 police complaints for his erratic behavior and strict guidelines while he owned 300 acres of Diamond Bar X.

Campbell erected privacy fences—this blocked access to public walkways and nearby streams that residents had used for years—and did not require hunting or campfires without his permission, according to the Great Falls Tribune.

What happened to Tim Newman?

Timothy Newman, also known as Tim Newman, was an electrician based in Great Falls, Montana.

Newman was 53 when his access to public lands was a long battle before he was shot dead on October 18, 2013.

Campbell’s wife called the police after he treated her violently, which led to him being charged with murder.

Newman was shot twice, including once in the back. Campbell claimed that he shot Newman in self-defense after he aimed his gun at him.

Where is Joseph Glenn Campbell now?

After 13 hours of deliberation, the jury was unable to conclude Campbell’s murder trial, and a false trial ended.

In May of the same year, he was charged with murder for negligent shooting of his neighbor. He did not contest any dispute and prosecutors gave him a suspended 20-year prison sentence.

Although Campbell filed an application in 2019 to finish the probationary period early, it has yet to be successful.

According to the Associated Press, if an offender follows the terms of his final release date, a 2017 law allows him to request early release from probation.

Joseph remains under surveillance in Montana but has been out of sight since the shooting. Since Joseph is not allowed to own the property where the accident occurred, his wife owns it instead.