Was Nicole L Linton Married?

Nicole Linton, a celebrity nurse in Houston accused of killing six people in a shooting accident, wakes up in a Los Angeles prison Tuesday morning after a judge denied her bail.

Nicole Lauren Linton, a traveling nurse who faces six counts of murder and five counts of motor vehicle manslaughter, pleaded not guilty in court.

Nicole Linton, who killed six people when her car crashed into a traffic jam in Los Angeles, crashed following the death of the Olympic silver medalist.

The 37-year-old faces six counts of murder and five counts of premeditated murder on a vehicle in connection with the fatal collision.

Nicole Linton's husband
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Nicole Linton’s Husband: Did she marry Nicole Linton?

Nicole Linton is not married but is currently in a romantic relationship with Reynolds Lester. She gave birth to an 11-month-old son.

Where is Nicole Linton now?

Nicole Linton is currently behind bars or imprisoned. The judge refused to release her on bail.