Viviane Dieye, Herve Renard Partner Is A Familiar Face To The Football Fans

Vivien Diaye partners with Hervé Renard, manager of the Saudi Arabian football team. Vivian has recently been linked to mentor Bruno Mezzo.

As an expert soccer coach, Hervé has to venture to every part of the world for the games. His significant other, Viviane, goes with him on these trips, and the two appreciate sharing their experiences and making new memories anywhere they go.

They share dining together, appreciating fine food, and chronicling their eclectic events with their loved ones through photos.

In football, he is known as a strategist, and he credits this to his partner, who provides him with mental assistance, evaluates his coaching style, and thinks of new methodologies.

Furthermore, they love each other, carry on an extravagant cohabitation, and are frequently seen holding hands in broad daylight. Viviane Dieye met Herve through mutual companions and is currently seeing someone.

They had known each other for a long time and met many times when they were with their comrades, and when they began to talk and get to know each other more, they became hopelessly infatuated.

Viviane Dieye and Herve Renard secured the collection in 2016 and happily married. They got married on the heels of seeing someone north of the year, and their feelings are still pressed forward.

They live in Saudi Arabia, where Hervé is the group’s general guide, and they have a thriving existence because the Saudi group pays their guides freely.

Hervé Renard also supports the Viviane Dieye store, with which he has posed on numerous occasions. The sporting equipment store in Casablanca is ladies-only and has been a popular establishment there, with a few more notable brands accessible.

The store is located in the commercial center of the Twin Center of Financial City. It’s been counted on various news sources here, plus it’s similar to a popular big name station.

Vivien Diaye and Hervé Renard took their children from their previous relationship on a hike, lived it up together, and spent a bit on a dry walk in Leo-Heist.

They celebrated Hervé’s eldest girl Audrey’s birthday while making the occasion with insignificant visitors, which was an exceptionally personal encounter.

Despite the fact that she is the oldest offspring of Hervé’s previous relationship, Vivienne loves her as if she were her own child.

In July 2021, they went to Senegal with their buddies while on vacation and lived together and shared a lot while spending their time.

While Vivian is similarly from Senegal, they visit their families together when they visit there and their relatives love them; Although they had a previous relationship, they come to terms with and acknowledge their past.

They went on a decent dinner date together and shared their time over some sushi and wine, which Hervé Renard shared on his Instagram.

The whole family visited safari in Riyadh at the end of the week and lived there. It’s a delightful park with diverse creatures and different exercises.

They are currently in Qatar to participate in the FIFA World Cup 2023 and visit different destinations, meet new holidays, and search for their way of life, as seen on their Instagram.

She was also rooting for her husband during the New Saudi Arabia match.