Vivian Polania Video Goes Viral

Vivian Polania’s video has recently become popular on the Internet. The content of the video was somewhat controversial and contrary to the decency of the Disciplinary Court.

Vivian Polania is a Colombian judge, and she was recently suspended from her position as a judge because of her video that recently went viral. It turned out that the reason for her comment was that she appeared half-naked while smoking in bed.

The disciplinary committee said that Vivian’s clothing was against court discipline, but Polania said she was doing so for medical reasons.

It was reported that Vivian was hearing the case of a car bomb incident in June 2021. The car bomb detonation damaged a military brigade in Kokot.

According to a report by TMZ, Polania was seen in the video that she was on a phone call. She heard a case, and during the trial she was seen discussing it as if she was drunk.

A few minutes before the court session, she turned off her camera, and it was found that the camera had been turned off for about an hour.

The Judicial Disciplinary Committee took serious action in this matter, and launched an investigation into the improper actions of Judge Polania. In the zoom call that went viral, Polania was clearly lying on her bed in “dire straits”.

Disciplinary Committee Judge Vivian Polania is suspended from office until February 2023

Colombia’s National Commission on Judicial Ethics has announced that a Colombia judge, named Heidi Vivian Polania Franco, has been suspended for her inappropriate behavior.

Colombia’s National Commission on Judicial Ethics added that Polania will be suspended until February 2023. After her suspension, the court panel stated;

“It is the duty of this body to avoid and prevent a recurrence of the judge’s disdain for assuming her position and the disdain she showed with her colleagues in the Public Prosecution, Prosecution and Defense.”

The commission also said that there was no justification for the actions and conduct of Judge Vivian Polania. Polania was at home and at liberty to wear her formal clothes for the court session at the zoom call, but she had offended the court’s decorum.

According to sources, Vivian has done some procedures before, and she always kept it in the eye of the panel. Previously, she was admonished for sharing provocative photos on her social media account.

When Vivian was warned about her provocative social media posts, she replied that she was doing it simply because she was “open minded. “

She added in response, Not all judges, lawyers, and state employees are the same. What I wear and show on social media is my decision and I wouldn’t change anything.”

After the video goes viral, Vivian is invited to a radio station where she says the video is misleading. She also said that she also had anxiety attacks during the online court session.

Later, she said she developed high blood pressure while hearing the trial. During an interview with Semana, she claimed that after arriving in Cucuta, she felt the weather was getting warmer, so she decided to wear shorts and a T-shirt.

Aside from her statements, the people who attended the online court session felt uncomfortable. Polania’s colleagues also advised her to wear long dresses to suit the taste of the court.