Verdeelde Liefde Teasers: 24 – 28 October 2023

Here are the teasers for the October 24-28, 2023 episodes of the Turkish Telenovela series, Verdeelde Liefde.

Divided Love is broadcast on eXtra from Monday to Friday at 20:30.

Monday 24 October 2023

Nermin invites Mehdi to her big party and Zainab goes shopping. He feels upset, but stands his ground. Benal leaves town, Jasmine makes things difficult for weak Kiewiet. Sakina expresses concern over Bayram Lazliha.

Tuesday 25 October 2023

Zeinab becomes fully aware of her difference with Mehdi when he feels very uncomfortable at Nermin’s party. You find it disturbing. Nermin almost enter into kissing Akram and Meltam. Emine’s resistance to Farouk collapses.

Wednesday 26 October 2023

Nermin finds out about Akram’s case. Al-Mahdi tells Zainab that he had an affair with Benal. Noah is broken by Emine’s budding relationship with Farouk.

Thursday 27 October 2023

Benal manages to convince Nermin and Zeinab that Mehdi is not the father of her child. Zainab’s heart softens and she invites Benal to stay. Perm is found, but refuses to go home. It is easier to earn money for booze, working in a drug cartel.

Friday 28 October 2023

Zeinab returns home, but remains aloof towards Mehdi. Noah confronts Farouk about Amina and things turn violent. Nermin tells Meltem about Akram’s relationship and asks her to trace the number on Akram’s phone. Sultan and Semeli face a disastrous encounter in Nermin’s house, with disastrous results.