The son of the trunk king’s multi-millionaire is taking his stepmother to the Supreme Court over a family fortune of over £5million

The son of a millionaire ‘trunk king’ who had nothing after his father’s death is battling his stepmother in the High Court for a share of the family’s £5m fortune after three years of collapsed ‘peace talks’.

Richard Scott ran the UK’s second largest boat show from his “mega” farm in Cheshire, where the Car Boot Challenge was filmed on ITV.

His eldest son Adam Scott, 59, says he has worked on the farm since the age of nine and promised that this would be his only day.

But after Richard Scott married Jennifer Scott – a woman 28 years his junior – in 2016, he wrote off his son from any part of his property. Instead, he allowed Mrs. Scott to control his millions.

This means that when 81-year-old Richard died of cancer in 2018, Adam didn’t have a penny left.

Mrs. Scott, who is two years younger than Adam, now farms his land as her late husband’s will. The London High Court heard that her two sons, Gordon and William Redgrave-Scott, and Adam’s sister, Rebecca Hurley, were also set to benefit from Richard’s last will.

Adam Scott

Jennifer Scott

Adam Scott (left) battles his stepmother Jennifer Scott (right) in the High Court over her family’s £5 million fortune inherited by his father, the millionaire and ‘trunk king’

Richard Scott, who left his home

Richard Scott, who left his “huge” farm in Cheshire to Adam’s stepmother

But Adam fights his stepmother in court for a share of his father’s fortune after failing to resolve their differences after nearly three years of peace talks.

He insists that Richard not only owes him the sacrifice of his career for the farm, but was also too mentally weak to understand the repercussions of the last two wills he made in 2016, which put Adam out of the way.

The dispute was originally heard in court in February 2020, but has not been released into practice due to failed mediation attempts.

“A number of issues had to be resolved before entering into a final settlement agreement,” Paul Burton, Adams’ attorney, said at a pretrial hearing last week, adding, “In the end, it was not possible to resolve these issues.”

Photo is part of Richard Scott's Cheshire farm

Photo is part of Richard Scott’s Cheshire farm

Adam – who himself was a farmer nearby – not only quarrels with his stepmother over his father’s last will, but sues her and their son Gordon Redgrave-Scott for allegedly encroaching on his land and “preventing interference with his farming activities”. .

The court heard that Richard and Jennifer married in early 2016 despite having been partners for more than 20 years, with Richard’s first wife Janet dying in 1976.

But within months of their marriage, Richard Scott drafted two wills that his son now disputes – the first in September 2016 and the second three months later in December.

These wills cut Adam from any interest in his father’s property, and left Jennifer in control of his property instead.

Adam’s attorney, Mr. Burton, says Adam wants the judge to rescind the “strength and validity” of these two wills on the grounds that Richard “lacks the required will power and/or does not know and consent to their contents.”

Instead, he is asking for a court decision in favor of a previous will executed by his father in May 2016.

His attorney said Adam worked on his father’s farm for 40 years and, in addition to Richard’s farmland, also bought his additional land in the area – including the land Richard had bought.

A flea market is being held on part of the huge estate owned by Richard Scott

A flea market is being held on part of the huge estate owned by Richard Scott

“They managed their farmland and farm together and with a high degree of overlap,” Burton added.

Adam says his father’s last two wills, dated September and December 2016, were void because he lacked the willful ability, knowledge and consent of what he was signing when they were carried out.

Adam says he is entitled to an absolute ownership stake in some of his father’s farmland.

“For decades, he and Adam worked on the farm as father and son, and Richard made frequent and frank representations to his son regarding the interests he would acquire after his death,” Burton told the court.

But things “began to change” when Richard Scott fell ill in late 2011 and his “second family” became increasingly important in relation to the farm and their business and to Richard himself,” the attorney claimed.

In late 2011 Richard Scott was diagnosed with a brain disease and his brain began to “atrophy,” Mr. Burton explained, adding: “Over the coming months and years, his mental and physical health deteriorated steadily and at times rapidly deteriorated.”

Richard acted with a “chain of wills” between 2015 and 2016, and his “growing mental illness and declining performance severely affected his relationship with Adam in the last few years of his life,” he said.

“Adam has repeatedly acted against his father because of his father’s statements,” his attorney added, saying that under the forfeiture principle, Adam had a second foothold to his claim.

But Jennifer Scott’s lawyers say there are good reasons for the father-son dispute and that Adam was kicked out of Richard’s farm after Adam tried to sign with his father.

During a previous hearing in the dispute, Scott’s then attorney, Rory Brown, said there was good evidence of a “total breakdown” in the father-son relationship, which lasted until Richard’s death.

The case reached the Supreme Court as Adam and his stepmother’s lawyers were finalizing the shape of the upcoming trial, which is set to last more than a week and will be heard by more than 20 witnesses.

With the two sides deadlocked again, although the case is now back in court, a full trial is not due to begin until 2024. 1490 Millionaire’s torso’s son takes his stepmother to the High Court due to a family fortune of more than £5 million