The Look on His Face Though, Moment Sabinus Meets Look-Alike

Emmanuel Chukwymica Ejiko, aka Sabinus, meets an impersonator, who insinuates himself as a Sabinus made by Abba.

The content creator had the option to meet his copy at the annual web-based entertainment festival, which took place on Saturday, October 22, in Owerri, Imo State.

Despite the fact that Sabinus and his likeness have uncanny comparability, there are some contradictions that perceive the real Sabinus from delusion.

Socializing for the joy of meeting the real toy producer, the carbon copy told Sabinus, “I finally met my boss.”

Watch the video below; Elsewhere in the world, big-name blogger Tunde Ednut has let the cat out of a bag that Nigerian toymaker Chukwuemeka Emmanuel, better known as Oga Sabinus, bought a Mercedes-Benz weeks after it had an unfortunate accident.

Tunde announced the news on his Instagram page, asking Nigerians to salute Sabinus.

Check out that Oga Sabinus had an unfortunate accident with his memorable Mercedes GLE last month and had serious damage, however, he got out safely.

Sabinus sent out a new overdrive bike, one month after saying thank God for saving his life.

Tunde transmitted photos and a video of the inscription, “Help me praise SABINUS.”

See how the Mercedes-Benz that Sabinus drives was completely discounted after his accident last month in September? Sabinus recently bought a second Mercedes-Benz GLE. Previously, it was dark; Currently, it is white.

May God continue to keep him and his mishap will never happen to him ever again with this new car in Jesus name. Sabinus, you are an honor. One more thing, abeg swap that tissue box from the top running the board abeg 不不不不不 I love you brother! 歹 “