The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

The fourth episode of Hulu’s dystopian series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 5, titled ‘Dear Offred’, follows Serena Joy Waterford return to torontofrom Canada Gilead, After learning of Gilead’s information center in the city to accommodate Serena and her duties, June Osborne and her partner Lucas “Luke” Bankol begin to worry about the consequences of the same. At Gilead, Aunt Lydia worries about the future of the slaves, especially after Esther Keys attempted to kill herself and Janine Lindo, The intriguing episode ends with a significant development that changes the fate of Serena and her unborn child. If you’re ready to watch it in detail, let us decode the ending of the episode for you!

The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 episode 4 recap

‘Dear Offred’ begins June with a stranger who knows him and his daughter, Nicole. When the stranger calls her a prostitute, June reacts aggressively, intimidating Luke. They both see a therapist and talk about Serena moving to Toronto. June and Luke know that either they will kill Serena or Serena will kill them. Mark Tuello asks Serena to seek asylum in Canada as an American citizen, but she decides against it because she cannot separate from her Gileadian identity. Canada and Gilead build an information center for the latter to publicize the country’s foundation.

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Serena heads to the center under Mr. Shaw’s supervision. Tuello informs June and Luke that Serena is a free woman and that she is now out of their watch. Jun finds a gun and heads to the center to kill his enemy but fails to operate the gun. Still, she confronts Serena to intimidate him. Back at Gilead, Janine slowly recovers with the help of Aunt Lydia. Concerned about the slaves’ actions, Lydia asks Commander Joseph Lawrence to change the protocol concerning the slaves so that they can remain under their watch and carry out their duties without having to go to the commanders’ homes. Lawrence immediately rejected her suggestion.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 4 Ending: Will June Or Luke Kill Serena?

When Tuello informs June and Luke that Serena will no longer return to Gilead, the couple begins to worry about their future. They know that Serena is dangerous when she is living in the same city they live in. June feels that he needs to kill Serena before it threatens her and the lives of her family members. June seems to do the same. However, he still must find a way to save Hannah from Gilead before he can put an end to Serena’s life. If she kills him, Gilead’s generals can be alert to their safety and close the doors of their country, eliminating every way for Hannah to escape totalitarian rule.

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Luke initially thinks he can force Serena to return to Gilead by shutting down the information center. With the help of his connections, he also makes sure that the center will not work for a long time. But Luke eventually realizes the need to risk Serena’s life. When June and Hannah are forced to stay at Gilead, Luke only helplessly manages to see the same. He does not fall under totalitarian rule to save his partner and their daughter. Even though it is a life-threatening challenge, Luke fails to try it even once. He can’t sit back and repeat the same mistake. He wants to stand up for his family and kill Serena if her death becomes a necessity for his family’s safety.

June and Luke’s confirmation that they are ready to kill Serena indicates that Serena’s life is hanging by a thread. Still, his intentions to kill her may not be enough for the couple to pull the trigger and shoot Serena, especially when Hannah is at Gilead. As long as Hannah is under his rule, Serena may not need to worry about his death since June and Luke will not prioritize killing her if it will prevent Hannah from meeting with them again.

Who is Mrs Wheeler? Where is Serena’s new shelter?

When Serena returns to Toronto, an information center is created for her to live in and serve as the regime’s international spokesperson. However, June and Serena’s many confrontations at the center make the latter realize that she needs a new shelter where June cannot reach and threatens her. The home of Gladys Wheeler, aka Mrs. Wheeler, becomes Serena’s new refuge. Mrs Wheeler is a Canadian woman deeply influenced by the foundation of Gilead. She influenced the rise of Gileadian sentiments and values ​​in Toronto. As an ardent admirer of Serena, her actions, and her country, Mrs Wheeler happily opens the door to her home and life to her new guest.

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Wheeler, Serena has someone who really cares about Gilead. After witnessing the implied betrayal of Joseph Lawrence and Commander Nick Blaine, Serena seeks an ally who will fight alongside her for her rule, and Mrs. Wheeler might be a perfect fit for the role. His enthusiastic admiration for Serena is expected to reflect the protection that the former can give him. Also, they can team up against June and Luke, who have expressed their desire to kill Serena. When Luke learns of the information center’s possible closure, he is relieved that Serena cannot continue her stay in Toronto without a “home”.

But in Mrs. Wheeler’s house, Serena finds a shelter that is needed to fight off her enemies. Using her influence, we can also see Mrs. Wheeler increasing Gilead’s presence and authority in Toronto.

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