Taylor Lautner Got Married To His Long-Time Girlfriend Taylor Dome

Taylor Lautner and his girlfriend, Taylor Dom, simply married on November 11, 2023, exactly 12 months when they were engaged. The couple exchanged vows in front of nearly a hundred guests at Epoch Estate Wines in California.

Lautner, 30, and his antique wife of now 24 have been married for 4 years. The couple got married on a proper vineyard surrounded by yellow plants under the California sunset. Dom wore an oversized white robe with a lace cap and a huge veil that turned into her golden hair. The bridesmaids wore inexperienced woodland dresses in an array of designs. Dabur Lautner and his companions were dressed in black tuxedos.


Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dom Relationship Taylor Lautner married his longtime partner Taylor Dom, and his wife officially followed his surname, making them both Taylor Lautner. This was identified using the actor’s sister, McKenna Moore.

Dom, a nurse from California, is no stranger to social media fame, with over 350,000 followers on Instagram. She has a long list of endorsements, from Too Faced Cosmetics to Flo Vitamins.

When they were seen attending a wedding together, it was speculated that they were flirting. On October 28, 2018, the Twilight actress announced their romance by posting photos of two equal space Jam T-shirts at a Halloween party.

Their first public appearance occurred on January 13, 2019, after they went to a New Orleans Saints’ recreation with friends, wearing the same Alvin Camara shirts in honor of the team’s famous walk.

Their love blossomed after Dom graduated from nursing school while the two attended McKenna Moore’s wedding. Both were active contributors to the wedding as “Bridesmaid” and “Brothers of the Brothers”. Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dom moved in together soon after, and in 2021, they acquired a local dog named Remy, who joined Lautner’s dog, Lily, to raise the family. A few months later, on November 11, 2021, the actor proposed to Dom.

Lautner claimed that Dom did not want lavish inspiration and asked to complete it “inside the kitchen”. The Home Team star proposed in a room decorated with candles, plants, and a neon sign that reads “Lautner.” They have been open about their romance on social media after that. Lautner nearly joked that the two had the same call throughout a look on The Kelly Clarkson Show. He allegedly asked his current wife if she liked his final call.

He said having the same name can be a fun alternative, including:

“We will look exactly the same. Either we keep it simple or we make it complex.”

Finally the Cheaper A Dozen actor recounted that when addressing a husband, friends, wife, and children usually used “tai boy” or “tai woman” to prevent misunderstanding.