Sola Kosoko rejoices with Bidemi Kosoko

Nollywood actress Sola Kosoko said a strong prayer for her sister Bidemi Kosoko as she turns another age today.

Kimmy Villani News announced that the young girl from Jide Kosoko is the 36th timekeeper today, October 21.

To celebrate her sister’s birthday, Sola took to Instagram to petition her sister.

“Happy birthday my love, my beloved sister of life. My mother is rage, mother of IKE. Wa jibo. Wa. Lhasa Adumari. May the breeze of God’s pleasure blow on you now and to the end of time. Your small endeavors will bring uncommon and extraordinary achievements. God will give you ideas from That will set you apart from progress.”

Bidemi Kosoko celebrates his birthday with appreciation

For her part, the celebrity revealed on Instagram that she was celebrating her beautiful 16th birthday.

At the festival of her day, Bidemi wrote a comprehensive letter of appreciation to her maker.

The artist thanked him for everything he accomplished for her.

“So much has been done for me…. I can’t say all. My father my lord, the giver of endless ecstasy, my point of support, my creator, my solidarity, my protection, my certainty, the creator of my life, the one who will be, who was and who is to come, ruler of greatness.” I command your name, I glorify you, I honor you, and I exalt you, my lord.
Thank you very much for your pride in me. Thank you so much for protecting us all. Thank you very much for the gift of life, thank you for the arrangement, thank you for your good deeds. Thank you so much for the extra 365 days, thank you to my dear ones and children. I appreciate you governor. I simply want to say bless your heart.

That’s right guys, I’m a year more experienced. Sweet 16. It’s my birthday. Go wait it’s your birthday.”

Sola Kosoko Cheer with Bidme Kosoko

Sola Kosoko sent her complementary letter to her younger sister, Bidimi Kosoko, inviting another young man.

Kimmy Fellaini news reported that the happy mother had upgraded her family when she called a little girl on May 3, 2023.

Shula Kosoko joined forces with her father, Jade Kosoko to announce the good news,

“Big congratulations to Kosoko and the Bankul family on our lovable new baby as my sister @bidemi_kosoko has given birth to a bobbing little girl. The mother and daughter are fine and healthy. The little ones are a gift from the ruler of a prize belly.”