Singer-Songwriter Emily Weisband Marries Dylan Toscano in Star-Studded Ceremony — See the Pics!

I read the list of attendees at the October wedding of singer/lyricist Emily Weisband and clinical salesperson Dylan Toscano like who in bluegrass music, where everyone from Minimal Big Town’s Karen Fairchild to Minimal Big Town’s Hillary Scott got in on the act of helping a colleague-turned-companion Dear.

“I really needed to pass on the day to the individuals who filled me in more ways than just music,” Weisband, 29, tells the individuals about the precious day that also included bridesmaids RaeLynn and Lauren Daigle and 220 visitors north. Arranged with the help of Dim Borough of Place of Dim Occasions, the elegant wedding took place on Oct. 1 at Southern Follow Homesteads in Franklin, Tennessee, and focused on the couple, who matched in North for more than two years paving the way for them. Busy day.

“We knew we believed our wedding should be a pageant,” it makes sense to Weisband, who first became famous as a Grammy-winning musician for powerhouses like Camila Cabello, Dan + Shay, and Keith Metropolitan. “We’d rather not tie our story simply to the wedding recipe everyone uses, so we tend to be who we are.”

On a positive note, this goal made the day special in many ways. “We love food, and if we’re struggling, we make a nice dinner and sit at the table and put our spreads aside,” Weisband laughs, adding that Juniper Green serves food, which includes a wide variety of dishes evoked by fall flavors and Mediterranean flavors. ​/ Italian. This way, we stumbled onto the table!

Our visitors were seated at their assembly tables, and we got involved there. After we said, “I do” and kissed, we walked to our seats and indulged in our food.

This walk obviously considered the Virginia local flaunting her stunning Galia Lahav outfit which was so wonderfully captured in photos.

Likewise, Weisband and Toscano’s shimmering new wedding bands were also evident. “We chose to buy our wedding rings in each other’s principal residences,” said Weisband, whose wedding officiant was Ryan Lamba, who served as pioneer and president of the Nashville Nonprofit Association for Individuals Cherishing Nashville.

“We bought his shop at Ulman’s—a gem and pop shop in my old neighborhood in Fredericksburg, Virginia—and we bought mine at American Gems in Brentwood.”

In the “Old Thing” tradition, Wiesband also decided to wear her mom’s wedding shoes from 1992.

She also wore an opal necktie that Toscano had given her as “something really new” shortly before she hit the road, and her grandmother wore a blue dress for “something blue”. After “Earned Thing?” In fact, that turned out to be the latest possible moment addition to Weisband’s day.

“I had nothing to gain,” she recalls. Then, at that point, one of our visitors approached me during dinner and asked if I had something I had acquired.

The moment I refused, she took off her jeweled armband and told me she thought I should wear it until the end of the evening. It was so sweet! “

From the person who composed endless melodies over the course of her life, it wasn’t usual that Wisband and Toscano would choose to compose their own vows, yet it shocked her that they planned to make them unannounced in front of everyone. one of their visitors.

“The first arrangement was to share it privately during our memorable look, but on the morning of the wedding Dylan texted me and asked if I’d be okay with ruining it in front of everyone,” Weisband recalls. “He had a really strong flair for us to do, and it’s great that we did that given the fact that he made the whole evening!”

As the night gets underway, Weisband is cleared for a custom Olia Zavozina dress change, perfect for a night of fun and action.

What’s more, at the end of the night, each visitor returned home with a letter written from the lady, who spent 90 days composing a note intended for each of her other visitors.

says Weisband, who also offered visitors late-night snacks, for example, donuts, breathtaking frozen yogurt, and pizza from the DeSano Pizza pastry shop.

“It was invigorating for everyone to show up and understand that this wasn’t going to be quite the same as the different weddings they were attending.

The power was electric. The moment I walked onto the road, everyone stood up and cheered — clapping, whooping, whooping. I was so excited the whole time! “

What’s more, it’s this delight the Weisband currently expects to take in their total destinies, which has preemptively included a special night they’ll spend in both New York City and Ireland.

“We’re really anxious to fill out our association,” says Weisband, whose new single “Deathbed” deals with what makes all the difference when one reaches the end of their days. “It’s so easy to face the overwhelming thing that is the future and understand that you have a colleague who puts resources into what you do as much as you do. There’s no doubt about that.”