Seth Joyner Wife Kendra Butts Owns Custom Menswear Collection Divine9s

American fullback Seth Joyner has been linked to his significant other Kendra Potts, who owns the Divine9s scandal. They are guardians of two children.

Joyner is a retired football linebacker. He played in the NFL for about 12 seasons with groups such as the Philadelphia Hawks, Arizona Cardinals, and Green Sound Packers. In 1998, he quit the games, ending his career with the Denver Horses.

He is one of many individuals who have played a significant role on the 20/20 Club due to sacks and blocked attempts in NFL history. With 52 sacks, he is second only to Ted Hendricks (60.5). After retirement, the soccer player sought after a career as an expert. Seen with FS1 and in Falcons Pregame.

Other than Joyner, his better half is also exceptionally productive in her calling. Many are usually eager to know more about his married life.

Kendra Potts is not only Seth Joyner’s wife but also a money manager. She runs the infamous menswear line called Divine9s.

Her business, Divine9s, is a clothing brand that offers suits, shirts, golf pants, and other men’s apparel. The business continues mainly online via Instagram handle @divine9s. Oddly enough, Potts also kept uplifting photos of her significant other to show off the items.

Kendra radiates the presence of being a trendsetter in menswear as she plots to get her better half. Whatever the case, they are usually underrepresented in the media. She, it seems, is somewhat private and annoyed gives the world many ideas in relation to herself.

Despite the fact that Pat’s exact date of birth has not yet been revealed, her appearance suggests that she is in her mid-30s. As one of Joyner’s tweets told, her birthday is celebrated on November 15th. She has a huge age gap with Joyner, who is 58 years old.

She has plenty of photos of herself and her significant other, showing that she took the opportunity to do just that and show that she can help. Likewise, she has strengths for her and her loved ones.

Seth Joyner and his other character, Kendra Potts, are the guardians of two children, baby Tobias Agani and girl Jasmine.

Tobias is 20 years old as he is depicted as nine in a 2011 article. He has developed into an attractive young man who is likely to follow his mother’s path in contrast to his father.

While Joyner’s adorable little girl, Jasmine, turned 34 this year on September 8, 2023, as Joyner’s tweet suggested.

Kendra also shared a photo of herself with her charming nephew, but she didn’t add his name to any photos. Anyway, it looks like Seth and Kendra are close to their sweethearts.

Seth Joyner’s better half, Kendra Butts, is dynamic on Instagram with her handle name @kendrabutts. She has shared a lot of her family memories on her profile.

Recently, Potts wished her half a happy birthday. She has shared a series of photos with Joyner, and in one of them the former fullback is seen holding his birthday cake.

Potts composed as its subtitle: “Happy birthday, love! I love you and am so happy for you and every one of the extraordinary things that happen in your profession. You have positively invested the hard effort, and it shows.”

“Cheers to you, our fiery love and energy, more travel experiences, and lots of chuckles. I trust today that you felt as unique and whatever your cherish as it sounds! God’s gift to me. A joyful birthday.”

Basically, Butt’s IG profile revealed that the Joyner family is venturing out a lot in their overtime. For example, they took a holy person trip to Helena, California, last month.