Fate Etiko, a Nollywood artist, has encouraged any lady who is subjected to domestic abuse at home to leave the marriage.

The artist revealed this on her Instagram page, where she also revealed that she had recently lost a dear companion to a fierce and plump partner.


“In case it doesn’t work, my sister will run away!” Since in such a case anything happens to you now, you will be replaced by force. No man is worth biting dust on. Because of one useless alcoholic, I lost a dear companion. tear b

Connections aren’t needed, so if it’s not quite right for you, go for a walk. Few men hate the point where they don’t deserve a great lady in their lives,” she wrote.

Fate Etiko’s message comes after Ikechukwu Ogbonna, aka IVD, a well-known financial manager in Lagos, was arrested in connection with the demise of his better half, Airhead.

The couple emerged as truly newsworthy last week after Airhead and her other guy got into a feud and supposedly set herself on fire at their home in Lekki, Lagos.

She was taken to the medical clinic while her other husband, who was slightly injured, escaped.

Airhead was in the emergency unit of the Lagos clinic for a few days before his death on Saturday morning.

According to web-based rumors, Airhead has been subjected to aggressive behavior at home by her significant other for more than 22 years of their marriage.