RIP! Marathi TV Actress Kalyani Kurale Jadhav Dies In Road Accident

rest in peace! Marathi TV Actress Kalyani Korali Jadhav Dies in Road Accident: – The Marathi entertainment industry is saddened by the death of a famous actress. We are talking about Kalyani Corali Jadhav, who died in a traffic accident. She was only 32 years old at the time of her untimely death. According to reports, the tragic accident occurred on Saturday 12th November 2023. She was reportedly near Kolhapur city on Sangli-Kolhapur Road when her two-wheeled vehicle was crashed by a tractor. The terrible accident, unfortunately, took the life of the actress at such a young age. Check out the cause of her death and other details in the article below.

Marathi TV actress Kalyani Korali Jadhav dies in a road accident

Actress Kalyani Corali Jadhav dies in a road accident

Reports confirm that the road accident occurred on Saturday at around 11 am in the village of Halundi. The MIDC Ciroli Police Department is reportedly investigating the case for more details. Sagar Patel, assistant inspector in charge of the Ciroli Police Station, said the actress was returning home from her restaurant. After the restaurant was closed for the day, she was heading home when a tractor hit two wheels.

The accident caused her several serious injuries. The injuries turned out to be fatal as they claimed the life of Kalyani Corali. Assistant Inspector Sagar Patel said they have registered an initial media complaint against the tractor driver. The officials even arrested the driver. After the news was announced, social media was filled with rookie posts and messages of condolence.

Celebrities are taking to Instagram and Twitter to post honest messages of the Marathi actress. Whether it’s her co-actors, her family, or her fans, it seems everyone is grieving her tragic death. No one believes the fact that the actress has taken her last breath. According to sources, Premachi Bhakri Lai Bhari is a new restaurant opened by Kalyani Kurale Jadhav in Kolhapur. On Instagram, she frequently posted updates on her recently opened restaurant.

Kalyani expressed her happiness at staying home to celebrate her birthday rather than leaving her restaurant in one of the reels she uploaded on Instagram that day. Kalyani has played significant roles in Marathi serials including Tujhyat Jeev Rangala and Dakkhancha Raja Jyotiba, which helped her advance her career. She has developed a huge fan base due to her outstanding work in the beloved daily soap. In addition to appearing on TV shows, she launched a Youtube account last year. We also give her a sincere greeting and pray for her soul. Follow Social Telecast for more updates.