Punjab-Origin Man Mehakpreet Sethi Stabbed To Death At School Parking In Canada

Another gruesome incident of brutal killing of an Indian student has been recorded in Canada. Reports confirmed that a boy of Indian origin was stabbed to death in a Canadian sari. Reports also alleged that the teenage boy of Indian origin had a fight in a high school parking lot, and then was stabbed to death.

Punjabi man Mehakpreet Sethi has been stabbed to death in a school car park in Canada

Mehakpreet Sethi, a man of Punjab origin, was stabbed to death

The deceased boy has been identified as 18-year-old Mahakpreet Sethi. He was immediately rushed to get medical help after being stabbed but could not survive the injuries and died in hospital. Sethi was brutally stabbed outside Tamaniwas High School in Newton District on Tuesday 24 November. The news of this barbaric incident was announced by the popular media outlet, The Vancouver Sun. Police officials stated that they rushed to the location after receiving multiple calls from the scene, paramedics tried their best to save Mehkvareet, but they were unable to save him.

The stab wounds were deep and barbaric thus he could not bear any of them. Reports from police officials said that Sethi got involved in a fight with a 17-year-old teenager which led to this fatal ending. The school authorities confirmed that Sethi was not their student. The police arrested the accused boy who stabbed Sethi to death. Reports also confirmed that the school administration is also assisting police officials in providing information about other students affected by this incident.

The brutal killing was very devastating for everyone. This barbaric stabbing incident followed last week’s brutal shootout in Brampton, which claimed the life of an 18-year-old. Once upon a time, Canada, the most peaceful country in the world, has become one of the most violent and dangerous countries to live in. Reports stated that cases of murder and barbaric rampages are present at all times in Canada.

The authorities must stop these horrific incidents before an innocent young brain loses her life. Racist attacks and targeted killing of Indians has become a very big issue and the appointed officials and authorities must stop it. For the latest national and international updates, news and information, stay tuned with us.

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