Pub cancels Ladies’ Night after man threatened to sue landlord for gender discrimination

A village bar owner was forced to cancel his 12-year offer of discounted ladies nights – after a disgruntled man said it was “discrimination”.

Owner Simon Skinner called for the popular 50 per cent meal discounts available to female customers at The Star Inn pub in Lingfield, Surrey on Monday night.

The beloved tradition, which began in 2010, will receive its last orders at the end of October after the city whistle, which it claimed is “discrimination”.

Under the 2010 Equality Act, sex discrimination cases, which involve the provision of different goods and services to men and women because of their gender, can be pursued in civil courts where a complaint is filed.

The state pub said on its Facebook page that the night, which is popular with both men and women, was introduced in order to “maintain balance” when it comes to gender inequality.

The organizers were shocked and outraged, calling the complaint “ridiculous” and that “the world has gone crazy.”

Owner Simon Skinner (pictured) has ended the pub's 12-year offer of discounted ladies nights - after an angry man said it was

Pub owner Simon Skinner (pictured) has ended the pub’s 12-year offer of discounted ladies nights — after an angry man said it was “discrimination.”

Gender Discrimination: Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 does not allow positive discrimination in favor of either sex.

Under the 2010 law, it is illegal to treat people a certain way because of their “protected characteristics” – including gender.

Gender discrimination cases can be pursued in civil courts by filing a lawsuit.

Gender discrimination can be invoked when goods and services are provided differently to men and women because of their gender.

The Star Inn, which offers 50 percent off women’s meals on Mondays, offers a different rate based on gender.

Skinner said the show was about “giving back to women who don’t often get a good deal.”

However, the law does not allow positive discrimination.

Affirmative action measures are permitted where one sex can be given special encouragement without actually discriminating against the other.

Gender discrimination also applies to scenarios such as education, housing, employment, and training.

The law also covers the activities of public authorities such as the NHS, government departments, local authorities, police and prisons.

Other followers suggested ways to avoid a guy’s complaint, and some suggested “men’s night out” in alternate weeks.

The 57-year-old owner said the complaint was the first time in his 12 years running the Star Inn that someone had questioned a ladies’ night — and in his 26 years in the business, she was offered a deal.

Skinner, from Lindfield, West Sussex, said: “The man who complained on Monday night refused to pay the full price.

“He came from out of town and stayed in our hotel, we are a pub with rooms.

“At first he did it jokingly, then he got serious. I thought ‘this could go further and generate a lot of bad press.'”

This is the first time I have received a complaint. We had guys joking, “When are you guys going to have a guys night?”

“But they don’t really mean it. This is the first time in 12 years that someone has seriously said, ‘This is discrimination, this has to stop.'”

This guy threatened to go ahead with it. Several Facebook commenters saw the story as ‘What?’ Just a complaint from a man? “

“But it’s not that simple, it’s a serious complaint and you have to act on it.”

Mr. Skinner had been hosting ladies’ nights at his former establishments since the mid-1990s and had previously found them popular with both men and women.

“In 1996 I bought my first restaurant and started hosting Ladies Night there and had eight successful years there. Ladies Night has always been great.

“Deep down, I’ve always known it was somewhat questionable, but it was always done with the best of intentions.

“It was about giving something back to the women who don’t often get much.

“Overall, I’ve been doing this business for 26 years. We’ve had a really good run.

The 57-year-old owner posted the ad on the publisher's Facebook page with the image above

The 57-year-old owner posted the ad on the publisher’s Facebook page with the image above

“26 years later, I’ve talked to a lot of people about that night. Significantly, both men and women are very satisfied with this show.

“About 20 percent of the people who show up on Monday nights will be guys who bring their partners on a cheaper date already.”

Mr. Skinner claims that ladies’ night works because women are “more talkative” than men.

He said, “I think men know deep down that women like to have that space where they can chat with friends.

“When the women come on Monday night, they sit down and talk about every aspect of their lives for two hours.

“It doesn’t happen with men. It’s mostly ‘Are you okay?”, “Yes, you?”, “Do you watch the match?”

Star Inn's popular tradition of giving women 50 percent of their meal on Mondays will receive their last orders after October

Star Inn’s popular tradition of giving women 50 percent of their meal on Mondays will receive their last orders after October

“Women feel the need to communicate more than men.

“I just think there’s something special about women – and it’s a great opportunity to meet friends.

Ladies’ night works out well – where the conversation flows.

“My wife had a friend come to meet him recently and they talked for two hours.

“I just don’t think guys have much to say to each other. I know that’s sexist.

“Lots of men have a lot to talk about, I know my friends and I can talk, but women can have these conversations with acquaintances and co-workers.

“Unless men are really close, I don’t think they have the same connection.”

Monday nights have been a Star Inn favorite for years, and seats fill up weeks in advance.






Social media users flock to the comments section of the publisher's Facebook post

Social media users flock to the comments section of the publisher’s Facebook post

“Ladies’ night will be sold out two or three weeks in advance,” Skinner said.

We have about 120 seats in the pub and another 250 in the garden in the summer.

From a business point of view, ladies’ night has a number of advantages.

“You don’t make a lot of money 50 percent off food, but you make money from drinks.

“The End of an Era” by The Star Inn

The Star Inn’s full Facebook post:

‘End of an era!

“Twelve years ago we’ve been organizing Ladies Night with 50 percent off food for all our dear ladies. It’s fully booked every week, often weeks in advance, and is used as a great meeting place by many of the women in the area.

“We always knew it was a little bit questionable, given that we were really discriminating against men, but in a world that is clearly weighted against women, this was our little way of restoring balance.

“Unfortunately, following a complaint from a man who visited us on Monday evening, we can no longer continue this show in its current form from the end of October.

“We would like to thank all of you for your amazing support over the years, and please look for an announcement on how to continue some sort of Ladies Night in the future!”

“It’s a great start to the week and great PR too because women are going to tell their friends about it.

“If you bring them on Monday night, they will probably come later in the week with their families or partners.”

Now Mr. Skinner is thinking of ideas to keep the ladies’ nightlife spirit alive.

“I am considering some options for the future,” he said.

“Nothing 100 percent. But the logical conclusion – and I haven’t announced it on Facebook yet – is that we’ll continue to call it Ladies’ Night, but 25 percent off for women and 25 percent off for men.”

“A woman will not benefit more than a man, it will be just a name.

“This way it preserves its identity, but it becomes fairer to everyone.”

Social media users flocked to the comments section of the pub’s Facebook post.

One user wrote: “I think you should go on for ladies night but also a special night for boys. Then they can’t complain. Then no one misses it.”

Another commented, “And guys like him are the reason we ladies like to get together on a Monday night!! Maybe he kept it, but changed his name.”

One wrote: ‘I love your pub and thank you for having a ladies’ night for 12 years, the fact that it was the guy who put an end to it! What irony.’

One couple commented: “I was downstairs with my wife on Monday night.

“I paid full price for my meal and had no problem with it.

“This village is turning into a sad place. Some people seem to be whining.

“All I can say is keep going. I’m sure 99.9 percent of men will have no problem with that.”

Others suggested ways the star could cater to all clients.

One wrote: “Why not change your brand and give everyone 25 percent off groceries. In a world where we want equality, we have to remember that both men and women need support from friends and groups.”

Both men and women suffer mentally and financially. It doesn’t have to stop, it can be all-encompassing.”

Some commentators sided with the complainant and questioned whether it was fair to exclude men from discounts on groceries.

One wrote: “He’s right. Why would a group of male friends get together on a date to pay more? That’s discrimination.”

“Unfortunately, the suicide rate among men is high, and women just don’t need to talk to friends. It’s terrible to make male friendships seem less important.

Another commented, “Reading the comments makes me laugh…Imagine it was a boys’ night…the world would go crazy and immediately condemn the owners for discrimination. FYI I don’t mind…I just had to comment. Pub cancels ladies Night after a man threatened to sue the owner for gender discrimination