Precious Chikwendu has bagged a doctorate degree

Chikwondo, the ex-Vemi Fanny Kayode, has a Ph.D. The former ball belle took to Instagram to convey the boosted news to her fans. Valwabel had a doctorate in the humanities from Heim-Wildius College

The lively mom reported her new nickname, with a post of appreciation.

Introducing Dr. Valuable Chikwendu. Many thanks to you @weldiosuniversitybn for the honor. Congratulations for the students’ graduation and registration, and giant congratulations to my big brothers. Dr. Jerry Amelo, Dr. Nollykingfonbabaj, Dr. Avam Iguimba, Klintdadrunk, various colleagues for 2023.

To my lovely children under the snowwhitefoundation scholarship scheme. You guys filled my heart with joy. Lots of love for my little girl and head of SUG @essybest04. Registeredmagnus_kelweldiosuniversitybn The following grant is stacking the opening.”

This year has seen a flood in the increase of PhDs among prominent Nigerians.

Kefayat Oluwatoin Shafu commonly known as Kaffee, Nigerian artist, choreographer and dance teacher, Kifaya Oluwatoin Shafu, has joined the category of Ph.D.

The most followed dance teacher has shared the good news of her new achievement.

‘Here comes a respected two-pronged doctor,’ said Kavey, sharing the lively news.

Many went to her observation area to praise her for her double achievement.

Caffee received her degree from the esteemed “Miles Initiative College” where the ex-wife of Onee of Eve, Honorable Naomi, was awarded an honors degree.

Ms. Naomi met with her Ph.D. from KFN detailing that Ms. Naomi Ogonussi has been awarded the Distinguished Ph.D.

The former Yoruba governor shared the lively news on her official Instagram page.

In celebration of her new milestone, Queen Naomi has informed that she is very keen to add another column to her various crowns.

King received a Distinguished Specialist in Reflection (PhD) from the High School of Power Miles.

Taking advantage of her achievement to wake others, she advised them to bend down, but the street may be uneven with invitations and consistency, the journey will eventually become smooth.

Her Majesty Naomi added that the sharpness will come soon and the differences will follow.

“It’s a bright night, for myself, my friends and my family. I am eager to inform you that another column has just been added to my crown. Today, I have been traded in honor of Distinguished Thinking Specialist (PhD) by the esteemed Miles Management School.

As you roam this world, please buckle up. Intensity will come soon after the differences will follow. The street may be rough but with invitations and consistency, the ride will eventually become smooth. Finally, brothers, all things considered, said and done “Will there be any stars in your crown while at night the sun goes down?”.