Peggy Ovire lists condition for her potential suitor

It’s the birthday of Nollywood Superior, Peggy Ophir.

The almighty artist turns another age today, October 21, 2021.

To celebrate her day, Peggy wrote a letter of appreciation to God.

The artist thanked her for the endowments.

“To the person in particular who might at any time achieve more than I expected.

To the one who preferred me.

To the one who gives each one of my requirements according to his wealth in greatness.

To the one who generally paves the way for me.

Provider of luxury, harmony and satisfaction. To the person who hears me when I call. Dear God bless your heart. happy Birthday to me “.

Peggy Ovire records her expected fan status

Peggy Ovire has expressed her position on allowing her future husband to take a DNA test on their children.

The beautiful and adorable film singer has revealed her alternate visit within Nollywood.

She said, “DNA is a very sensitive issue. However, my interpretation of this would be. Why start a family with someone you can’t or don’t trust? If and when I get stuck and my husband asks for a DNA test, I’ll need to know why he feels that our kids aren’t In addition, the cheating husband will be afraid to take a DNA test. However, in addition to this, the man’s concern must be that “a trust once broken is irreparable.”

Peggy Ovire reveals the men she can’t date

Likewise, the actress, star of The Spouses of Lagos, declared that she could never marry or marry a man who was so affable.

“I will not date or marry a weak man or a man who likes to party, invest more energy outside of his house. A man who is not into me and thinks a lady is a slave. The frugal high roller with no virtues is a mood killer for me.”

Mrs. Ovire also expressed that she would prefer to settle down with an exemplary dedicated man,

“Anyone can be rich out of the blue, look for a man with the potential. A man with a dream. The majority of rich men you see today, I’m sure they hooked up with their husbands when they were fighting all the time. Every once in a while, I want to be of that age.” , I still have two values ​​and they see life in an unexpected way.”