On her 36th birthday, actress Sola Kosoko says a powerful prayer for her sister, Bidemi Kosoko.

Sola Kosoko, a Nollywood artist, said a strong plea to her sister Bidemi Kosoko, who is entering a new era today.

According to news reports, Jide Kosoko’s little girl turns 36 today, October 21.


Sola took to Instagram to plead with God for her sister on her sister’s birthday.

“Happy birthday my sweet sister, wonderful life.” Mothers Fury and IKE Wa gbo. wa. Edumare, Lhasa. May God bless you, now and until the end of time. Your small endeavors will bring uncommon and decisive achievements. God will give you ideas that will introduce you to progress.”

The celebrity revealed on Instagram that she was paying tribute to her sweet sixteenth birthday celebration.

Bidemi composed a large card to express her thanks to her maker for honoring her birthday.

The artist thanked him for everything he had done for her.

“So much has been done for me…. I can’t tell you everything. My father, my ruler, the giver of unending satisfaction, my point of support, my creator, my solidarity, my protection, my certainty, the creator of my life, the one who will be, who was, and who is to come, my ruler Shine, I commend your name, glorify you, and honor you, my lord.

I am so grateful to you for thinking of me so much. I am very grateful to you for protecting my family and I am very grateful to you for the gift of life, your arrangement and your gifts. I am so grateful to you for an extra 365 days, and thank you for my better half and my children. Sir, I am very grateful. I simply need a lot of commitment.
Folks, it’s true: I’m generally more experienced. Sweet 16. It’s my birthday today. It’s your birthday, wait, so celebrate.”