O’dell Owens Obituary, What Was The Cause Of His Death?

This article contains details of Odell Owens’ obituary and the reason behind his death.

Dr. Odell Moreno Owens passed away on Wednesday, November 23, 2023, after a long career in medicine and education in the Cincinnati area.

Twice elected Hamilton County magistrate. The former doctor was 74 years old.

He was only two weeks away from turning seventy-five.

The impact of Owens’ life and the reaction to his death was felt across the region. Flags at city buildings in Cincinnati flown half-staff in Owens’ honor.

Dr. Lakshmi Samarku, the current coroner, reported that Dr. Owens died on the way to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon just after suffering a heart attack.

His family said he died unexpectedly. They have not released details of Odell Owens’ funeral yet.

Before retiring, Owens spent more than four years as President and CEO of Interact for Health.

On Wednesday afternoon, the group issued a statement regarding Owens’ death.

The loss of Dr. Odell Owens, our former President and CEO, has deeply saddened the Interact for Health staff and Board of Directors. Our thoughts go out to Marshall, his wife, and their three children, Christopher, Justin, and Morgan. From childhood to death, Dr. Owens has catered to our society. He was a pioneer, inspirational figure, friend and mentor to many. Dr. Owens spent four and a half years at Interact for Health working to reduce tobacco use, combat the opioid crisis, increase health equity in the region, and enhance access to health care through school health clinics. He has spent his life working to promote health in greater Cincinnati, and his donations to the foundation are just one component of that. His death left us deeply saddened, and his legacy will live on in future endeavors.

2021 saw Owens retire.

Friends and family honored him

In a statement regarding Dr. Owen’s death, the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office said, We are deeply saddened to hear of the tragic passing of Dr. Odell Owens. His life’s work in making a beneficial impact on young people’s lives through encouragement They have to stay in school, pursue higher education, and make moral decisions in society He continued his work as a forensic physician for more than 5 years. There is no doubting his legacy in Cincinnati society, and his influence will continue.

Owens’ daughter Morgan gave WLWT’s Curtis Fuller the following statement: My dad was everything to me. I lost, and so did my family. My father dedicated his entire life to making a difference in the world. He undoubtedly did. Dad, your legacy will endure because it touched so many lives. Please remember to pray for and think about our family.

Democrat Rob Portman posted on Twitter: We are devastated by the death of Dr. Odell Owens, a dear friend of Jane and I. Odell was a huge figure in the Cincinnati medical community, and he will be sorely missed.