Tiktok has been a spot the place phrases have gone viral along with songs and challenges.

The use of many phrases on Tiktok has piqued folks’s curiosity over their definitions.

Smoochie has not too long ago been heard from TikTok customers. Some persons are conscious of the that means, whereas others are nonetheless unaware.

What Does Smoochie Mean On TikTok?

Many people have been curious in regards to the time period “smoochie.” While some have been utilizing it elegantly, others are not sure of what it means.

Smoochie has been utilized in tiktok to confer with somebody who’s disloyal to their relationships or loves.

In his Tiktok movies, a consumer by the title of shout out DJ has been asking folks if they’re Smoochie. He’s testing their comprehension of the phrase’s that means by doing this.

Others didn’t know what Smoochie was and held off on responding with a sure or no, whereas some people had been noticed comprehending the time period and denying they had been Smoochie.

In his video, he was proven asking this query to quite a few folks, however when he threw the query out to the group, they struggled to reply since they weren’t accustomed to the phrase’s definition.

He was requested what that meant by sure folks, however he refused to clarify the true that means. His movies have obtained tons of of hundreds of views resulting from their viral nature.

Is Smoochie Used As A Slang?

Although it has additionally been used continuously, the time period “smoochie” has been utilized as slang in NYC.

This slang time period has been utilized by some to indicate that others are dishonest or hoes.

Some persons are conscious of the slang time period “smoochie,” whereas others are unaware of it.

When Tiktok customers create movies using the Smoochie time period, others could also be seen commenting on how nicely they comprehend the phrase’s that means.

Here are some slang phrases which can be utilized in Tiktok.

  • FYP: For Your Page
  • CEO: Chief Executive Officer
  • PFP: Profile image
  • POV: Point of View
  • OOMF: One of my followers
  • Heather
  • IB: Inspired by
  • DC: Dance Credit
  • Alt Tiktok
  • Straight Tiktok
  • Shifting
  • Ratio
  • Simp
  • Shadow Banned
  • Caught in 4k
  • Sheesh

People of varied age teams have used slang, however Gen Z primarily makes use of some slang.

Smoochie Meaning Explained

Smoochie can imply numerous issues.

Most people are seen utilizing it in slang, whereas some additionally use it in on a regular basis speech.

In Urban Dictionary, there are numerous meanings of the phrase Smoochie given.

  • Smoochie: Hoe, Treesh, or unloyal folks

One of the meanings of the phrase Smoochie within the Urban Dictionary is Hoe, Treesh, Thot Etc. People are utilizing Smoochie to indicate these meanings.

Similarly, Smoochie additionally means an eater or foodie.

  • Smoochie: Romantic lady or lady

 Smoochie can also be used to indicate an excessively romantic lady or lady. 

Example: Tina is a really smoochie as she is all the time in long-term relationships.

  • Smoochie: A lover or finest buddy

Example: I like my Smoochie.