Nollywood actress Nikishi Gift has finally revealed the true personality of her new partner, just shortly after mentioning the marriage.

As indicated in the report, two hours prior to this, Nkechi Gift indicated heading down the aisle with her young new sweetheart.

The shady artist sparked controversy when she posted the explanation, “He does the eternal thing with me,” to her Instagram story.

Two hours after the incident, Nkechi Gift revealed the true personality of her new lover – Jesus Christ – through her Instagram account. It will have “until the end of time”.

She is the author: Jesus makes this eternity with me. throttle ease

Nkechi, a native of Abia region, was born on the 14th of February 1989. Apart from being Igbo, she is very popular for her choice of Yoruba parts in Nollywood films.

Nkeichi succeeded in playing Yoruba jobs. Since she grew up in the Yoruba region primarily in Surulere, Lagos State and Apollo Igba, she had the option to do so with ease.