Nigerians are responding to low turnout at the traditional wedding of music star, Davido’s coordinating operations supervisor, Isreal DMW.

Kimmy Fellaini news reported that Isreal DMW held their usual wedding ceremony on Thursday, October 20th.

Prior to this, performer 002 revealed that he would normally secure the set on the said date.

Taking to his Instagram story, the entertaining man shared a video of the wedding. He could be heard backstage saying “Cash great o, ah cash great o!”.

In his update, the customary marriage is taking place in Benin City where the couple is from.

Isreal DMW has shared the first photos from the bright wedding.

In one of the photos, the couple was supposed to be seen in Edo’s wedding attire.

Isreal DMW was wearing a white T-shirt with a red George skirt, while the lady looked great in her red dress. The lady had reinforced her hair and neck with coral pellets.

With the flow of wedding registrations on the web, many have discovered the vacant seats at the wedding venue.

In response, the bulk expressed dissatisfaction with Davido for ignoring his wedding. They noticed how neither he nor 30BG attended for him.


One Nikki Goldie stated, “I don’t understand why Davido is not here and for what reason the seats were empty during his field show 02. If I’m talking una go, say this young lady again

One Ambelius said, “Davido has not arrived

One Abedme stated, “They should have greeted me, look at the vacant seat

Iamfa831 one: “No one 30bg here. Life, you have money, how loyal are you

A guy like BILLIONS stated, “So the 30BG part didn’t go to JoJo’s marriage, and Davido wouldn’t send agents

She once stated, “Congratulations to him so far why the seats are void

One House of Huss stated, “Davido is not suitable to go to the main person’s wedding? That’s not good. Congratulations Israel

One Chidals expressed, “Why don’t people celebrate this wedding

One Dark Opouliz expressed himself, “Would they say they’re practicing? Why is the place vacant and why is this person waving dirty remarks?

One Joyy Aks4real stated, “What is the reason for any vacancy? Where could 3BG’s property be? Na wow, well, congratulations

A DJ Nokia stated, “My Oga no come???

Davido prepares to close Isreal DMW wedding

Check out that Davido was at that point preparing the countdown to the Isreal DMW wedding.

Taking to his Instagram story, OBO, as he is affectionately known, shared a photo of the love birds.

The artist was deeply anticipating their wedding as he counted down the date.

There was no doubt that Davido would close Benin City to the couple.