My husband and crown – Peggy Ovire writes heartfelt note for Freddie Leonard as he gifts her a designer bag

Peggy Ovire and Frederick Leonard, two Nollywood entertainers, continue to impress netizens with their public presentations of adoration and warmth.

On Friday, October 21, Peggy’s birthday, the romance garnered media attention. On his Instagram feed, Leonard posted a picture of Peggy along with a contact message.

Peggy replied in a similar wonderful manner. Presumably, the couple plans to fall on November 17.

Recently though, Peggy Ovire shared a video that apart from everything else she opened the amazing Bvlgari bag given to her by Freddy Leonard.

The dazzling artist included a photo connection note of Freddy, who she referred to as her better half and crown.

In a way that might seem natural to her: You were my first mate, in general I said ‘Peggy I’ll make you a happy lady’ continuing to plead God for me.

I’ll give you the best things throughout everyday life, “I’ll really love you, plain you come through and yesterday you gave me back amazing haha ​​I’ve watched you grow and flourish and hold on to these commitments. It wasn’t Rudy Street, this guy here! It’s interesting that I don’t have the most blurry thoughts What to share with you 😌, but thank you for your love for this tragically stunning young lady.

Let God’s goodness never leave your life, may God make His light shine upon you, may health and prosperity be your life, and longevity be your life.

Another important, the crown on my head is REDDIELEONARD chanting forever 🥂 #MEETTHELEONARDS #MEETTHELEONARDS.