Mob Psycho 100 anime season 3 trailer sheds light on Mob, Regen, Dimple

Warner Bros. Japan Started streaming the full trailer for Mob Psycho 100 IIItelevision anime third season One‘s mob psycho 100 Manga, on Wednesday. Clips in the trailer highlight Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama, Arataka Regen, Dimple (Akubo) and most of the cast of the new season. The trailer also details Mob’s plan to confess to his childhood crush Tsubomi and features the opening theme song “1”. crowd choir,

Warner Bros. Japan Describes the story of the new season:
MOB is busy with school life and part time job as exorcist.
Meanwhile, Reigen and Serizawa, the newest staff member, are busy with the strange requests that keep coming to the consulting office of Spirit and the like.
Meanwhile, the giant broccoli tree in the city center is now worshiped as the “Divine Tree” and attracts the people of the city.
The psychic helmet cult is gaining new momentum as EKUBO disappears from the crowd once again.
Sensing danger in the city, the crowd rushes to Broccoli. What is really going on inside the sacred tree……!?
“the one and only one”
About friendship, love, and yourself; Blast the youth of the crowd in this third installment of the series!

The anime will premiere on October 5th Tokyo MX And BS FUJI and on 7 October cartoon Network in Japan.

Crunchyroll Will stream anime worldwide except in Asia in Japanese with English subtitles and one with English hit As it is broadcast in Japan. Featured during the first two episodes Crunchyroll Expo conference last month.

Crunchyroll In the third season of the anime is redrawing the characters. a spokesperson for Crunchyroll Said that the choice was made to record SimulDub Mob Psycho 100 III In the company’s Dallas production studio and “in order for it to be performed seamlessly according to our production and casting guidelines, we will need to recast some roles.” Bang Zoom! Entertainment produced dubs for the last two seasons of mob psycho 100, Multitudinous hit The actors from the last two seasons are not based in Texas.

voice actor Kyle McCarley revealed in a video on Tuesday that he can’t return as anime hero Mob because Crunchyroll Not complying with their request that the company negotiate a potential contract on future productions in conjunction with representatives from the Screen Actors Guild – the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-FTRA) union.

this is setsuo, Takahiro Sakurai, Akio Ohtsuka, miyu irinoAnd Yoshitsugu Matsuoka All reprising their roles as Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama, Arataka Regen, Ekubo, Ritsu Kageyama and Teruki Hanazawa, respectively.

Other returning artists include:

past anime directors Yuzuru Tachikawa Now credited as Executive Director Takahiro Hassui ,bungo stray dog, Sk8 Infinity Episode Director) as the new director. Hiroshi Seko Returns to the chain structure. Yoshimichi Kameda, kazuhiro wakabayashiAnd kenji kawai All also return as character designers, sound directors and music composers respectively. ryu kono Returns as art director from last season, as does shihoko nakayama for color design, Mayuku Furumoto as director of photography, and Kiyoshi Hirose as editor.

crowd choir Return to the anime’s opening theme song “1” and ending theme song “Cobalt”.

original manga creator One ,one-punch man) launched mob psycho 100 on series shogakukan‘s ura sunday Service in 2012 and onwards shogakukan‘s manga one app in 2014. He ended the series in December 2017. shogakukan Published the 16th and final compiled book volume of the manga in April 2018. dark horse comics publishing manga and Mob Psycho 100: Dance Spinoff manga in English.

The first season of the anime premiered in Japan in July 2016 and the second season premiered in January 2019. Crunchyroll Streamed both series as they aired in Japan. funimation Streamed English dubs for the anime and released both series on home video. first series. aired on adult swim‘s toonami The programming block is starting from October 2018.

Mob Psych 100 Reign: The Miraculous Unknown Psychic The event anime debuted in March 2018, and Crunchyroll Streamed anime. Crunchyroll And funimation Later the anime was called a . streamed with hit,

The manga has also inspired a live-action series that premiered in Netflix In Japan in January 2018 and outside Japan in May 2018.

The first stage play of the manga ran in January 2018 and the second stage play followed in September 2018. The third stage play ran in August 2021.

Source: Warner Bros. Japan‘s youtube Channel

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