Mia Thornton Grew Up In A Large Family With Three Siblings

Mia Thornton was placed in the care of a foster family for a while before being adopted by her biological parents, who already had three other children. This choice was not made until later in their marriage.

Celebrity who appeared on Season 6 of Real Housewives of Potomac, Mia Thornton made her first appearance during this season and was already responsible for quite a bit of the tense entertainment. The businesswoman exchanged a series of blows with housewife Wendy Ofiso, in their on-screen confrontation, which was seen on TV.

During an episode of RHOP that aired, Mia finally got to meet her biological mother. She looked deeply into her childhood memories and asked her mother more questions about her father to find out more about him. Let’s learn more about it, shall we?

Meet Mia Thornton Siblings

Mia Thornton has three siblings, and their names are Candice N. Lynnem, Darrell E. Lynnem Jr., and Brianna R Lynnem. Candice continued to pursue her higher education at Capella University after obtaining her diploma from high school in 2014.

In 2020, I proudly received my Bachelor’s degree in Personal Management and Human Resources. In addition, the Department of Professional and Commercial Regulations authorized her to practice cosmetology and issued her a license.

However, Candice’s career started much earlier than most people realize. She started working at Regis Corporation as a Salon Manager in 2001. July 2012 marked her first day working for HairUWear Inc. , where she works as an account service clerk.

Later in May 2019, Candace starts her new job at Diagnostic Centers of America as a Human Resources Specialist (DCA). This company will continue to hire her until February 2020. On the other hand, in February of 2020, she started working for FirstService Residential as a Human Resources Specialist.

Then, her sister, Briana, obtained a degree in Psychology from Ohio State University in 2011, after attending this institution during her undergraduate career. She has a master’s degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development from the University of Louisville, where she also completed her studies. Centric Consulting, where she served as a general human resources physician, and the Columbus Urban League, where she was a member of the Human Resources Committee, have both offered roles in the past.

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Mia Thornton Bio

The trailer for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Potomac (ROPH) was released recently. This season sees the addition of another familiar face in Mia Thornton. In the same way, she is a financial expert and regional designer.

Mia Thornton and her long-term boyfriend, Gordon Thornton, just tied the knot. At this point, Gordon and Mia have been married for a fairly long time. The couple just celebrated their wedding anniversary, which took place on March 18th. In addition, it was confirmed that Mia is 32 years younger than Gordon, who is currently 67 years old.

The three children Mia Thornton bore to herself are considered to be her other relatives. Joshua, Jeremiah, and Juliana are the names of these three children. On the other hand, it is clear that real celebrities spent their upbringing in a wealthy family. Mia Thornton realized that she was separated from her family at a young age. Mia Thornton is responsible for creating the coveted total assets of the millions. However, her fortunes are in check.

The famous name Mia Thornton
age 37 years old
nick Noun Mia
Birth Noun Mia Nicole Fields
Birth Date 1984-11-25
sex feminine
profession TV Personality
Birth nation United States of America
place of birth Churchton, Maryland
nationality American
Horoscope Sagittarius
religion Christian
Sweat black american
dad Daryl Linem
the mother Robin Eileen Lynem
Brothers 3; Candice Lynem, Daryl Lynem, and Brianna Lynem
education Southeast Institute
Social status married
the husband Jordan Thornton
Children 4; Jeremiah, Joshua, and Juliana; Sasha
sexual orientation straight
net value 5 million dollars
source of wealth TV Personality
salary one thousand dollars
to rise 5ft 6in
Weight 57 kg
Body measurement 38-26-37 in
eye color Dark brown
hair colour Dark brown

Her company, which strives for perfection and bears the name “Amillion London”, is her sole property. In addition to this, she donates a large portion of her vast wealth to charitable organizations such as A Child’s Place, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and Autism Speaks.

As a business visionary, Mia Thornton is actively involved in the workforce. Additionally, she owns a multi-location business known as “Joint Doctors Chiropractic Offices.” In fact, she started her career as a Center Head. In addition, Mia graduated from the Southeast Institute with a degree in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy.

Mia Thornton, in fact, has an Instagram account under the @mrs.miathnton. The reality star boasted on her Instagram profile that she has 6.7k followers. Her elegance and brilliant mind have earned her a large and loyal following. Mia Thornton has maintained a respectable height, despite the fact that it is currently not publicized.

Mia has recently started appearing on television, but she seems to have no problem keeping up with the action in dramatic acting. Mia is seen in the latest ROPH trailer dumping food at Candiace Dillard, which was shown on screen. What really happened between these two could only be deduced from the entire scene.

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Mia Thornton Early Life, Family and Education

Mia Nicole Fields is the name given to her at birth and she was born on the 25th of November 1984 in the United States. She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, which also happens to be her hometown. She is the daughter of Darryl and Robin Eileen Lynem; They adopted it. Giselle Bryant, the show’s co-star, confronts her with the question, “Did your mother give you up?” Despite the fact that very little is known about her family or background. She replied, “No, they came and kidnapped me.” “They came and took me.”

After a difficult childhood, she was eventually adopted by a loving family. December 2018 saw the death of her adoptive mother, Robin. Her adoptive siblings were Candice N., Darryl E., Jr., and Brianna R. Linem. Her adoptive parents are Brianna R. to sleep. Her academic credentials also consist of a certification in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, which she earned from Southeastern Institute.

Mia Thornton first appeared in the sixth season of The Real Housewives

Mia Thornton first appeared in the sixth season of The Real Housewives

Mia Thornton first appeared in the sixth season of The Real Housewives

Mia Thornton Net Worth

According to our calculations, she is now bringing in a decent amount of money and as of now, her estimated net worth is $5 million in American currency. Her profession which includes appearing in reality shows is her main source of income. However, she is also making a good amount of money from her own company. In addition to her role as the star of a reality show on The Real Housewives of the 6th Season, which debuts July 11, 2021, she also serves as a franchise director to join the chiropractors’ offices. This is what drew the public’s attention to her.

Children of Gordon Thornton and Mia Thornton

On May 5, 2012, Gordon Thorton married Mia Nicole Fields in a wedding ceremony. Gordon’s previous relationship with Deborah Ball resulted in the birth of at least one of his children who is now an adult.

Their daughter, Deprecia Fonville, is still in North Carolina, where she has a job, and where she has been since they left. Debricia’s son, Darius, is currently residing in Greensboro, and Gordon seems to have made an effort to be there for important events in his grandson’s life, such as when he graduated from high school.

At the very least, Gordon and Mia are the proud parents of two children: a son named Jeremiah Carter, born on June 20, 2015, and a daughter named Julianna. Joshua is Mia’s second child, and is the product of a previous relationship.

Mia Thornton grew up with three siblings

Mia Thornton grew up with three siblings

Mia Thornton grew up with three siblings

Are Gordon and Mia Thornton married?

Mia Thornton and Gordon Thornton, Mia’s husband, have been together for nearly ten years and have a thriving marriage. In 2003, Mr. and Mrs. Thornton met for the first time at a strip club, which led to their marriage. And the 36-year-old does not hesitate to flaunt the couple’s chemistry whenever she gets the chance.

Along with her husband, Gordon Thornton, Mia Thornton is pictured here.

Prior to this, Gordon and Mia knew each other as friends and served together on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization that was dedicated to raising money for Haiti. In addition, they have not been with anyone else but each other for the past thirteen years. On May 5, 2012, Gordon and Mia reunite in marriage.

Mia Thornton and Gordon Thornton, her current husband, are the parents of three children that they have together. The couple welcomed their first child, Jeremiah Thornton, in 2015, then welcomed their second child, Julianna Thornton, in July 2017, and their third child, Joshua Thornton, in 2018.

Mia has descendants who are not biologically related through her husband Gordon, who is 32 years older than the reality star. These grandchildren are unmarried children. There are four grandchildren of Mia. Two of them are currently enrolled in college, and the other two are still in elementary or high school.

Mia has three children

The legacy Mia creates is one that will be passed on to her three children: Joshua, Jeremiah, and Juliana. According to E! News, Mia has three children: two of them were born during her marriage to Gordon Thornton, and her eldest child, Joshua, was born during one of her previous relationships.

Additionally, she is a stepmother to the children Gordon had with his ex-partner. “Our family is made up of so many different people. His kids are so extraordinary. It’s really amazing that his daughter calls me for advice because she’s his daughter. It’s totally normal,” Mia told E! News. “We’re blessed with four amazing grandchildren. Two of them are young men who They will soon begin their college careers, and the other two are still in elementary school. Because I was involved in naming both little ones, I couldn’t help but feel as though I should consider them my biological grandchildren. I was present to take part in the events surrounding their birth, for example.

Interesting facts

Daryl and Robin gave Elaine Lynem a home for Mia.

During Season 6, Mia is involved in an argumentative conversation with Wendy Osefo and Candiace Dillard.

He was awarded a degree in Neuromuscular Therapy by Southeastern Institute.

Due to the fact that both of Thornton’s parents were recovering drug addicts, she spent her childhood in the foster care system.

Black, white and red are Mia Thornton’s three favorite colors to wear.

Mia Thornton has dark brown eyes and black curly hair.

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