Meet The Cast Of Steppin’ Into the Holiday: Mario Lopez and Jana Kramer Are The Lead

Mario Lopez and Jana Kramer are expected to star in Steppin’ Into the Occasion.

Steppin’ Into the Occasion will appear on Lifetime for the 2023 season. The film will be distributed on November 25, 2023, as a feature of the organization’s film It’s a Wonderful Life, which stars Mario and Kana as lead artists.

As the IMDb source noted, “Steppin’ in Christmas and Thanksgiving follows former Broadway star, Billy Occasion, who meets Rae, the magnetic owner of a nearby dance studio, and after Billy volunteers to help Rae with a dance show pledge campaign, their collaborative and honest brilliance begins to fly.”

Mario Lopez is an accomplished artist who most recently played a major role in Steppin’ Into the Occasion. Billy (Mario Lopez) returns to his old neighborhood for Christmas in the wake of his termination as host of the hit TV series Big Name Dance Off. While there, he meets Ray (Jana Kramer), the deceitful owner of the local carriage studio, where Billy’s 12-year-old nephew is her star pupil.

Audiences generally envision Lopez for his job as AC Slater on that ’90s show that was saved by luck. He has since acted in many TV movies throughout his life, such as in Bailed Out Rebooked by Luck on Peacock.

Jana Kramer is also a lead artist on Steppin’ Into the Occasion. Ray needs to take her students to a Broadway show in New York City for Christmas, so she coordinates a dance show to bring in money. Billy offers to help Rae with the presentation by re-enacting the local’s noteworthy Christmas Eve, which once filled in as a scene of near ability. Sharing clicks between Billy and Ray thanks to Billy’s creativity and Ray’s experience with neighborhood culture.

Artist and artist Jana has some experience with house music. Her most notable person is Alex from One Tree Slope. Soccer Mother Lady, another Lifetime movie, stars Jana. Although the 38-year-old artist has been linked to several times, she is not currently seeing someone. Her ex-husband, Mike Kosin, has two children together.

Steppin’ Into the Occasion is filmed in Riverwalk Park, Columbia, Tennessee, United States.

On November 25, just two days after Thanksgiving, “Steppin’ Into The Occasion” will make a big splash. This movie, which he recently shot in Nashville, Tennessee, includes a few animated sequels.

This movie will dovetail with other films, for example, Cheerful Swissmas, which stars Jodie Sweetin and Tim Rozon. Dallas, played by Sheri Autry, is Mario’s real-life wife and Billy’s tough Hollywood specialist. Courtney Lopez plays Joanna, a devious “Big name Dance Off” who has recently accepted Billy’s position as master maker and appointed highest authority.

Senior filmmakers Jeff Stearns, Mark Roberts, Mario Lopez, and Jana Kramer handle Untitled Mario Lopez/Jana Kramer Occasion Film, which is being made by Blemish and Roberts Media, LLC. Peter and Aliza Morita wrote the screenplay, while David Kendall was the helmsman.