Agra, Oct 24 (IANS) A man has been arrested over allegations of kidnapping and killing offspring of his four-year-old companion.

The young man’s body was recovered on Sunday after being shot in the chest.

Vinod Kumar, Officer at Station House (SHO) at Iramudola Police Headquarters, said, “Convict Panti Kumar, 25, had purchased an illegal weapon two days ago.

The weapon was recovered not far from the crime scene. The intent behind committing the offense was not discovered.”

Truth be told, he had to reveal that the child’s body had been recovered.

Director General of Police (DSP) Sukanya Sharma said the boy’s father, Pablo Daksha, is a confectioner and was engaged in a silver exchange.

Babloo has been in regular contact with the accused for five years. The two were involved in financial matters.

The police are awaiting a postmortem report.