With that, Laura Coates and her husband Del Gordon married together.

The husband is blessed with two healthy young men. Although the couple almost seldom publicizes their relationship online, they are married by chance and rarely appear in public.


She is a CNN Senior Legal Analyst and host of SiriusXM, as well as an attorney, commentator, and author. Coates’ extensive knowledge and experience has earned her acclaim across all media platforms.

She is a New York Times bestselling creator of Just Pursuit: A BlackProsecutor’s Fight for Fairness.

Laura Coates’ Husband, is she still married to Del Gordon? Laura Coates is still presumed married to her husband, Del Gordon.

She lives in Washington, DC with her partner and two children.

However, net clients recently expressed doubts about the couple’s relationship. Many assumed the couple had split on the grounds that there were a few posts on Coates’ Instagram about her boyfriend.

Coates was changed to appear with Dale in Best of A Journal for Jordan in December 2021, indicating that this is not the case.

Coates doesn’t usually categorize personal facts on social media. Aside from a picture or two of her kids, we can’t detect any private posts on her profile.

As a result, judging her flirtation based entirely on her social media updates is off topic. We wish the couple fun and happiness to relax in their lives.

Gordon works as an IT engineer. Although the couple non-publicly kept their lives private, her college, Princeton, mentioned in one of their articles that he is an IT graduate.

Coates and Gordon have first-degree children: a son, Adrian, in 2013, and a daughter, Sydney, born in 2014.

She posts pictures of her young children on social media, but she rarely mentions their full faces.

Laura Coats is an American lawyer with two children Laura Coats is an American lawyer who was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She has a beautiful circle of relatives with her husband, son and daughter.

Her father was raised in foster care and attended Amherst College before turning to a dentist. Her mother also became the daughter of the folks at home.

She went to Smith and now works at Wells Fargo. She has two older sisters who went to Smith and Amherst too (Bow, Princeton, Edo).

As an outstanding student at St. Paul’s Non-Public Academy, she was the best that turned out to be an opportunity to be considered at Princeton College.

In 2001, Coates received an AB degree from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. In 2005, she received her JD degree from the University of Minnesota School of Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Her journey from lawyer to attorney general to her current job as a distinguished legal analyst and anchor for CNN’s high time was fading away.

Laura started working as an assistant at Faegre & Benson LLP after receiving her law diploma from Minnesota. She worked there for some time before being introduced to recording at Kaskowitz, Benson and Torres & Friedman LLP as a partner.

She turned out to be the simplest involvement in a commercial enterprise for a short period of time before leaving on her own and becoming a member of the US Department of Justice as a federal prosecutor. Her surroundings of experience became a civil rights litigation attorney protecting the right of citizens to vote.

She is currently no longer a practicing attorney and has been located in inactive celebrity with the Minnesota Supreme Court Bar Registry Office.

Laura Coates TV job Laura was the anchor for Urban View on SiriusXM in 2017. In January 2021, The Laura Coates Show switched to SiriusXM’s POTUS channel.

Most nights of the week, Coats now addresses the target market for television across the country. She also hosts a daily show on SiriusXM satellite radio channel POTUS known as The Laura Coates Show.

I spoke on nearly every topic, along with former President Donald Trump’s prison issues, the latest example of police brutality, the political consequences of voter suppression laws, and the constitutional danger posed by the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

Laura Coates, as the author, has authored books So Far, You Have the Right: A Constitutional Guide to Police Discipline (Karen Hunter Digital) and Just Pursuit: The Black Prosecutor’s Struggle for Fairness (Simon and Schuster).

Her first e-book became a nice seller in 2016, and her latest edition is also getting little attention.

The most recent is a compilation of tales from her time as an assistant US attorney within the District of Columbia, where she prosecuted a range of violent crimes.

Laura Coates net worth, how rich is she? Laura Coates net worth is expected to be $2 million in 2023.

She is a CNN criminal analyst and host of “The Laura Coates Show” on SiriusXM’s Urban View.

According to Glassdoor, the combined income of a CNN legal analyst is $87,673 with 12 months. The annual starting salary is expected to be $75,874. The overtime salary is expected to be $11,799 in line with 12 months.

Additional reimbursement may additionally consist of bonuses, stock options, commissions, profit sharing and tips.

Likewise, as the SiriusXM POTUS host of the Laura Coates Show, she earns a base earnings of fifty-three dollars, 760 dollars per year (Glassdoor). Additional salary is expected to be $7,880 corresponding to the year.

Coates was previously an assistant professor at the George Washington University School of Law. She travels to the USA to give lectures on topics including social justice, monetary development and civil rights.

Talking about her TV adventure, she hosted documentaries on Oxygen Network TV in 2019. The Disappearance of the Millbrook Twins and Murder and Justice: The Martha Moxley Case are the first and second, respectively.

Plus she gets extra income through her books. Her e-book, Just Pursuit: A BlackProsecutor Fighter for Fairness turned into a book called Book of the Day using the New York Public Library in April the second week.

Instagram account.