Las las she con marry one-Reactions as old post from Peggy Ovire against Igbo men resurfaces

It comes as no surprise that the Cybernauts are concerned with their insightful responsibilities and revealed an old post by popular Nollywood artist Peggy Ovire in which she portrayed Igbo men as the most ruthless gathering of men on the planet.

Oddly enough, her partner, Freddy, is from Anambra, and online customers have not at any point been burning up the thing she said about longtime Igbo people.

She has stated, “Igbo men are the most unromantic arrangement of men on the planet. I’m in my house, come and beat me.”

Check out this attractive artist Frederick Leonard got down on one knee and proposed to Peggy Ovire, former business partner turned sweetheart? This happened on Friday, October 21, 2023, during an unexpected birthday celebration for Peggy Ophir arranged by close Nollywood stars.

In the video, Frederick Leonard can be seen crouching and turning reddish as he expands his ring and opens a major investigation.

The moment she took a quick look at him, Peggy Ofir shrieked in relief while other Nollywood artists shouted please.

This comes after Frederick Leonard revealed to the world on his vetted Instagram page Peggy Ovire that she is the one he will use the remainder of his existence with.

While celebrating Ovire’s birthday, Frederick Leonard wrote her heartfelt words.

He shared the photo of the celebrant, and said: “To love n to treasure..

In the great times and in all times.. Through the years, my love for you has remained constant. Look how far we’ve come, kid. Today is your birthday and so the world is watching you.”

“However, our love.. I will always hold it. Happy birthday @peggyovire. My baby valentine.. I love you ❤️”