Kylie Jenner Posts ‘Revenge Pictures’, Fans Speculate Breakup Amid Travis Barker’s Cheating Rumors

They say some people are never satisfied even if they get the best. Well, that’s true in the case of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship. For a few days, there were rumors that Travis Scott cheated on the world’s youngest billionaire through an Instagram model.

Fans are wondering if Kylie posted such sexy photos of the rapper’s comeback. Recently, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram and posted a series of sexy photos, with her chest bulging out, serving as a feast for millions of fans. I commented on the post: CDon’t think of a caption.

In the post, Kylie was seen doing some extreme poses in a black body suit, while she was even loosening a navy one. Fans and celebrities immediately took to Instagram to give their opinions on these photos. “I don’t think I was ready for this,” her sister, Khloe Kardashian wrote.

A character on social media wrote, “I don’t need.” “Flawless,” wrote Johnny Cyrus. One fan wrote, “Recently I’ve been dressing up for revenge.” Another fan wrote, “She’s going through something.” One fan expressed, “Travis must have been really crazy to cheat on this woman.”

Except for this, Kylie Jenner uploaded another post, with the caption: “In your dreams”
Now, that’s direct on Travis, who appears to have cheated on her with a less deserving woman. In the post, she shared some smoky poses in the same suit.

Maguire’s Grace Amundsen commented:You can’t get any. One fan wrote, “Travis really took the L.” Another wrote, “Kylie you’re okay :/.” One fan crossed, “Honey Travis cheated on you, are you doing karma or what? !!! “

Travis let the best…

Travis Scott, who shares two children with entrepreneur Kylie Jenner, added another problem in his life. Amidst a string of lawsuits related to the Astroworld tragedy, the rapper was recently seen with a nickname, Yung Sweetro, who has been linked for 10 years.

Rumors about Travis and Young ignited when the model posted a video on her Instagram story that showed her behind the camera on set for a photoshoot, with Scott in the background. “I’m directing obvi,” Young Sowetro wrote, hinting that she might be involved in a project Scott is currently working on. However, Young denied the allegations about their dating each other.

It was reported that Travis has been cheating on Kylie all this time with Young, whose real name is Rogen Carr. They dated back to 2013 and even took a trip to Paris together. Last year, Kylie was also surrounded by rumors that she and Drake cheated on Travis Scott before she got pregnant with their second child, but none of them turned out to be true. What do you think of Kylie’s photos? Well, I can feel detached.