Kerala Man Dileep Vijayan Thrashes His Wife: Films Assault, Shares Video With Friends

A Kerala man named Dilip Vijayan went hard after she didn’t leave her workplace, took the video, and passed it on to his comrades on the web.

Carrying a significant other, the man appears dangerously bloated, by all accounts, extremely happy and ruthless from his activities. He boldly declares in the video that he is the one who beat her, broke her mouth, and caused blood all over the place.

The 27-year-old has been arrested for attempted murder. Kerala man flogs his better half in movies, videotapes with companions In an astonishing case of abusive behavior at home, Dilip Vijayan, 27, whips his better half, Athera, after he couldn’t find work elsewhere. The episode reached everyone’s information after the video became a sensation on the internet.

In the nerve-wracking video on October 16, Dilip, a resident of Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) is seen hitting his VIP for filling in to work as a staff member in a supermarket. After the assault, the woman was seen draining from her face, the New Indian Express announced.

In the video, this is what the wife says if she wasn’t working, she couldn’t make up the credit, and her young would have starved. In any case, in the long run they produce returns and are ready to go out of business after being restricted.

The accused, Dilip, appears to have been drunk and supposedly filmed the video himself and shared it on the web. Her companions encouraged the victim to register a police complaint, which she later did. The Malayinkigo police registered the case.

We don’t really want to show the video because of its delicate and disturbing content. The preparer recorded the lock on Monday night after returning home with an alcoholic and it was picked up the next day after transmitting the recording on the web several times.

Dilip and Athera were partners turned mates Dilip and Athera Vijayan were long-time darlings who married against their families’ will. They were living in a rented apartment in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, away from their parents, and they had two children: the maturity of three and one.

Blame allegedly attacked his half in the wake of returning home with an alcoholic. For this reason, they needed to move their homes every now and then. Over the last half year, they’ve moved to six better places.

Dilip, a former circuit repairman, is now working at Slow Down Chicken. He was held on legal custody. He was charged under Part 307 (Attempted Murder) of the Indian Reform Act. Conforming parts include 498(a) (husband or relative of a woman’s husband brutally), 323 (discipline for intentionally causing harm), and 324 (intentionally causing harm with dangerous weapons or means).

Another incident of domestic abuse and brutality: Amala Vijayan is killed by her, better half of India is disfigured by occasional instances of domestic abuse. In another case, a 24-year-old elderly woman, marked by the name Amala Vijayan, was found dead at the home of her significant other in Paravur in Ernakulam district on 4 September.

The lady’s family made some noise after it ended. They focused on the domestic abuse suffered by their girl at her significant other Ranjith Vijayan’s home. A report by The News Minute shared this news.

Furthermore, Amala was calculated to be pregnant at the hour of her death. That very month, another horrifying case was recorded where the young lady, Aishwarya Onethan, was seriously self-destructed after three years of aggressive behavior at home by her significant other, Kanan Nair. TNM revealed that she used to write in her diary, and her magazine sections revealed the finer details of the abuse.