Kasey Dunn Daughter and Family Facts To Know

Casey Dunn and his wife Janelle have daughters, Kayla Dunn, and Lauren Dunn. He’s an offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State University and a former huge football future.

Casey began working for Oklahoma in February 2011 and switched to an accompanying major training in 2019. In January 2020, he was appointed as Offensive Coordinator.


Since 1962, he has been a football teaching assistant at Ohio State University for a long time non-stop. Kasey Dunn emerged as one of the best receiving coaches in college football, and was renamed Wide Receivers Coach of the Year in 2017 with the help of both 247Sports and FootballScoop.

His All-Big 12 receivers were named 12 times in his eleven seasons with the Cowboys, and OSU had at least one All-Big 12 receiver in all four seasons at Dunn as an assistant coach.

In 1998, he was assigned to use the state of Washington to serve as their instruction for hiking. In 2000, he also began training their unique groups. Before being hired as a special team coordinator and extensive training at Baylor in 2007, he worked as a teacher assistant in TCU and Arizona.

OSU: Who is Casey Dunn’s daughter, Kayla Dunn? Kayla Dunn is the daughter of American football coach Casey Dunn. Her father, Casey Dunn, moved his family as he was hired as a soccer teacher.

He was hired as a mega receptionist in Oklahoma in February 2011. Before entering the seventh grade, Kayla moved to Stillwater. She started swimming on account that her boyfriend had already turned into a seventh grade swimmer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

As a member of the swimming group Lady Pioneers, Dunn participated in the group that won the Kingdom Championship in 2015 and was a runner-up twice. She is currently the only group leader who is expected to win the country championship next month.

Dan contributed significantly to the remaining country victory, placing sixth in the 500 freestyle, and eighth in the 200 freestyle. I additionally worked as the anchor for two relays that got gold.

Within the Casey Dunn family, Casey Dunn lives with his family, wife Janelle, and daughters Kayla and Lauren. Casey’s family is happy with her life and spends a lot of time together.

Kayla Dunn, daughter of Casey Dunn, has developed into a resilient swimmer due to her participation in many of the final results of her participation in a range of events, such as the 50-meter freestyle, the 400-meter freestyle, and the 100-meter butterfly. .

Since I started swimming in hundreds of butterflies, my den’s time has decreased by using 20 seconds. Casey was elected to the College Hall of Fame in 2007, and as of 2020, still continues to score professional receptions (287) and receive yards (three, 847) classes.

In 1992, he played expert football with the Houston Oilers in the NFL. From 1992 to 1993, he played for the BC Lions and Edmonton Eskimos in the CFL, scoring 20 receptions with Edmonton in 1992.

Some facts to know about Casey Dunn

1. Daughter Casey Dunn is the daughter of journalist Casey Dunn Kayla Dunn, an Everett Herald journalist. She is active on Twitter with the username KaylaJ_Dunn.

She studied Ethical Management at Trinity College in Oxford, England and Dublin, Ireland for two weeks. She works with Amnesty International in Spain to promote human rights and deliver speeches on global problems.

2. His wife is active on Twitter Casey Dunn’s wife, Janelle Dunn, is on Twitter with the username @pbandjanellie. Janelle posted on her Twitter profile pictures of her daughter and husband, Casey.

3. Hired as a returning coach in Washington State, Casey returned to Idaho in 1995 to teach teammates before becoming a member of the New Mexico Training Workforce in 1996 as instructed by the players. In 1998, he was hired by Washington State to be their walking backwards training.

In 2000, he also began coaching their unique teams. Prior to being appointed as a unique group coordinator at Baylor and Massive Recipients Learning in 2007, he also worked as a teaching assistant at TCU and Arizona.

He switched over to start hiring in 2008 to coach the receivers in Maryland, but resigned from the position to work because the coach touring for the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. Dan served as the Miss South Wide receiver to educate everyone through the 2010 marketing campaign.

4. He was a wide receiver coach at Oklahoma State In 2011, Dunn was hired by Oklahoma State as a wide receiver to teach. He trained many excellent wide receivers in Oklahoma, including Pelletnikov and All-America laureate Justin Blackmun.

Following Sean Gleeson’s departure in 2020, Dunn Model was promoted to offensive coordinator in Oklahoma and a salary increase from $250,000 to $800,000 per year in compensation.