June Hansen, Sig Hansen’s Wife – 5 Fast Facts

John Hansen is a TV moderator who routinely appears on Josh Taylor’s Prom Date, Deadliest Catch and Sin Hansen Inheritance.

Moreover, the magical month of June is known for being the famous soul mate of Sen Hansen. The capital of the Northwest, the Sage, is the premier fishing vessel that should be available every one of the four Deadliest Catch.


Jon Hansen revealed that she had the disease in July 2019. She confessed this to her partner while filming an episode of Deadliest Catch. Deadliest Catch creative expert passes the data to Sig expertly and calmly. June is a US citizen residing in the White Family Line.

John and Sig have three daughters, John Hansen and one half, Sean Hansen, and they have two children, Nina Hansen and Mandy Hansen, and live in Seattle.

real name June Hansen
sex feminine
narration American
profession TV personality
marital status married
Husband say hansen
Children 3
net value 3 million dollars

John Hansen and Sig Hansen have a grandson with Nina and Jackson and a grandson by Mandy, Mariner Marie. Sig similarly has an organic child, Melissa Hansen, with a former mate. Mandy, her youngest child, went with Sage as the surrogate leader in the Northwest.

Unlike her relatives, Mandy knows the Norwegian she was introduced to before acquiring English from the Norwegian family of Sage Hansen. Mandy went with her father on his yacht for the TV series a long time ago.

She had spent many summers fishing with her father since she was young and constantly wanted to take a shot at hunting.

June of illness analyzed At the beginning of July 2019, during the circulation of Deadliest Catch, Sig received a call from his better half, John Hansen, explaining to him that she was adamant that she had a malignant growth and that her condition was negatively affecting him.

Sig, the extraordinary advisor to Deadliest Catch, expertly and calmly got the startling news. As pointed out by Sig Hansen, his better half suffer from disease-related neck pain. A treatment for John Hansen’s disease has not yet been announced.

June’s daughter Melissa confirmed that Sage of physically disturbing her was Sig Hansen married to his unforgettable wife, Lisa Ekstrom, in 1987. Melissa Ekstrom was the young girl of the couple.

Melissa Eckstorm, a descendant of Sig Hansen, was born in 1990. Sig Hansen’s natural girl, Melissa Hansen, said her father attacked her when she was young.

As the sources pointed out, the event made her experience uncomfortable and even attempted self-destruction. According to Sig Hansen, the allegations made against him are completely false.

The case is still under consideration by the court, and the end is ambiguous. After his separation from his ex-wife, Lisa Eckstorm, Sage Hansen finds new hope in his current wife, John Hansen.

June deals with her better half Hansen faced heart failure in Walk 2016, which was taped and posted on Disclosure Channel’s Deadliest Catch.

He returned to hunting again in the accompanying season. The father of the two experienced respiratory failure at sea in 2016. In “The Deadliest Hunt,” Season 12, Episode 18, Sig Hansen is shown speaking the way the extreme season has been for him.

Hansen fights to seal his next expression and snatches his chest, admitting he is in agony in the wake of ensuring the season won’t be completed until Northwestern arrives in Seattle.

Hansen was about an hour from beach in the aftermath of the season when he began experiencing cardiovascular pain. Hansen initially dismissed his side effects as merely feeling comfortable in his chest and arms due to the lack of rest.

However, it was eventually discovered that he had suffered from a type of heart failure called “widowmaker,” which is among the deadliest of heart failure. After that episode, June treated her young daughter Mandy to Sig.

June is a shy single cam, June, apart from her life partner, is shy and reserved and rarely appears in interviews when Sig is missing.

Moreover, she is a secretive person, as evidenced by the lack of data about her past life and loved ones. However, according to a few sources, she is in her mid fifties.

When her companion is away, she works as a trusty cosmetic artisan. In June, her association honored Josh Taylor’s upcoming movie Date Party. She has also participated in Deadliest Catch and After the Catch with her companion.

June and Sage married life John Hansen chose to marry Sage Hansen in 2001. She keeps up with Sage and Yoon on the security of their relationship and the inner wedding realities.

They rarely examined their lives before they got involved in the press. The TV didn’t say anything about their exclusive issues. The pair, once again, are totally infatuated with each other.

June was a single mother to two cuddled girls, Mandy and Nina, prior to her marriage. Sieg adored two young girls and gave them his family name. June, then again, has been pretty strong throughout their 21-year relationship.

Sig is a brilliant father and husband, as well as a famous TV personality. He usually posts photos of his partner, June, their children, and grandchildren on his Facebook page.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions Who is Sage Hansen tied to? Sig Hansen was linked to June Hansen in 2001. The couple have two young girls who are June Hansen’s total assets? June Hansen has a valuation of $3 million in total assets. What happened to Jane Hansen? In July 2019, John Hansen announced a new insight into the existence of malignant growth. She revealed the news to her better half while filming an episode of Deadliest Catch.