Destiny works in bewildering ways, as Julian Lennon and Paul McCartney discovered on Saturday.

The 59-year-old artist and child of the late Beatles John Lennon tweeted that he confronted a former classmate of his father at an air terminal by absolute karma.

“It’s amazing who you meet in an air lounge! In all honesty, Uncle Paul…” Julian tweeted. “That way, it’s very cool, and what are the possibilities…discretionary…”

Julian posted two very contrasting snaps alongside the tweet, one of which took a selfie with McCartney, 80.

In the subsequent photo, McCartney focuses on his phone showing Julian’s studio set Seven Judd, which was delivered in September.

The set’s cover industry depicts Julian as a young boy in a white shirt, looking over his shoulder. Inadvertently, the “Back at the Point of No Return to Goodbye” singer released his new group after the Beatles song “Hello Jude”, which McCartney composed for Julian when he was 5 years old in the midst of his bandmates’ split from John and Cynthia Lennon.

In April, Julian revealed in a public broadcast of SiriusXM Volume Easy Refutation that he had an “unbearable adoration” for the tune. “I appreciate Paul for composing it and setting some expectations behind what’s to come,” Julian said. “However, its drawback was that it was a bleak sign of what really happened at that point, the split.”

From that point on, Julian figured out how to embrace the tune and told individuals in September that there was a message behind the name’s affinity between his group and the Beatles’ track.
“It was a lot of cleverness, meticulously looking in the mirror deeply and trying to track down that spot of harmony,” he said.

“I tracked it down a few times before, but it got mixed up in the mysteries of life. Minimizing the group was related to connecting with myself and who I am.”

That’s what Julian said despite the fact that he didn’t “convey any pessimism” about his father leaving for so long, he actually needed to “work through pretty much two groups”, and Judd helped open another department for him, along with changing named in 2020.

“I needed to show myself that I’m far from John’s baby or Connie [fans’] “John’s delivery is in the psyche of many individuals,” Julian said. “It meant a bit to me, to build an institution for myself that transcends music, and that I was able to do pretty much anything I put myself and my heart into. I could lift my head as high as possible.”