John Travolta Partner: Who Is He Dating? Former Top Scientology Official Claims To Be Gay

John Travolta’s partner, Diana Hyland, had a much deeper relationship with him. They needed to marry, but she died of chest disease the following year.

John Joseph Travolta is an American artist. During the 1970s, he rose to prominence by appearing on the television series Invite Back, Kotter and appeared in the films Carrie, Saturday Night Fever, Oil, and Metropolitan Cattle Rustler.

Travolta has earned Foundation Grant ratings for best entertainment for his Saturday Night Fever and Raw Fiction jobs. He received six picks for his presentation in Get Shorty, which earned him a Brilliant Globe Scholarship for Best Entertainment in a Movie – Melodic or Satire.

John Travolta’s partner: who is he dating? According to the footsteps, John Travolta has not been married starting around 2023. In the 1976 film A Child in a Plastic Container, John Travolta meets his first love intriguingly.

Diana Hyland and John Travolta had a much deeper relationship in a short amount of time. They began dating and needed to marry, but Diana Hyland died of malignant breast growth the following year.

John Travolta didn’t have an awkward relationship from that point on, and he didn’t have a goal of getting married or being in a serious relationship until he met Kelly Preston in 1990.

They started dating in 1989 and got married in 1991. Their affection for each other lasted seemingly forever. They are both associated with fun, but fate had different designs.

Travolta got some time off acting after Preston’s death to focus on his two children, currently aged 22 and 11, however, and it looks like the Foundation Grant nominee has brought the entertainment world back on. man massager

Rinder claims to have met a Raw Fiction Entertainer in the residence suite. Travolta’s masseuse entered the room in her bathrobe and kissed the star on the lips.

“I’ll be right away,” John commented as the masseur walked toward the room, Rinder wrote. “That was annoying, especially before the prominent pioneers of Scientology.” That was not possible. I think that was an impression of his confidence in me.”

While the group claims to be not homophobic, that’s what Rinder trusts “the risk of a story depicting a Scientologist as gay would create an inner fear because for a Scientologist, not ‘reclaiming’ homosexuality means.” John Travolta is Total assets of $250 million as an Entertainer and Artist.

The Entertainer claims several aircraft, including the Bombardier Challenger 601, the Boeing 707-138B, and the Shroud 500. The star paid $77 million for the long-running 707, and then, at that point, spent more than $20 million to adjust. He. She.

In 1993, the family of the Saturday Night Fever star paid $3.5 million for 2.35 plots of land in the Brentwood area of ​​Los Angeles. It has seven rooms, eight bathrooms, a tennis court, a jungle gym, and a large pool in an 8,100-square-foot home.

He also owns a 50-lot plot of land in Maine and a mansion near the Scientology base camp in Clearwater, Florida. They also have an additional home in Ocala, Florida, at Jumbolair Flight Bequests, a clandestine operating air station for giant planes.