John Carpenter says he could make a “great” ‘Dead Space’ film

Carpenter additionally mentioned the upcoming TV adaptation of ‘The Last of Us’ could be “unbelievable”

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John Carpenter has mentioned that he thinks he can do a “nice” film adaptation of useless Space,

– commercial –

Renowned Film Producer and Musician (Halloween, Fog, factorwas speaking to AV Club Recently when he was requested if he has any curiosity in adopting video video games for the massive display screen.

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Responding to the information that there’s a TV sequence based mostly on the final of us In HBO’s works, Carpenter mentioned: “Are you kidding me? that is unimaginable. Incredible.”

He continued: “The just one I can consider [adapting]And I discussed it earlier than, is useless Space, it could make a actual nice film. I could try this.”

When requested if he had any favourite titles from the EA sci-fi/horror franchise, Carpenter replied: “Well, none of them have been actually good. I additionally just like the final one, the motion that Nobody else favored it.

The filmmaker/musician additional acknowledged that he is just not a fan of “issues that bounce on me and put my character at risk” whereas taking part in video video games. “Don’t threaten my character, I need to survive,” he mentioned.

“Quite a lot of sports activities, they punish you for dying. It’s a kind of issues that I really like.” confrontation, they don’t punish you. You die again and again on a troublesome mission. I like this.”

Carpenter additionally mentioned that he was “addicted”. fallout 76Saying that he spent “too many hours” taking part in the 2018 sport.

summer time carpenter talks about his love confrontation And Sonic the Hedgehogand defined why he’s not a fan of pink useless redemption 2,

EA Motive remake in May 2008 useless Space The launch date was lastly given. It will launch on January 27, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

John Carpenter not too long ago shared the small print of his soundtrack for the upcoming halloween ends The film is hitting the theaters this Friday (October 14). The album is scheduled to be launched on the identical day by means of Sacred Bones.