James Brown renames himself the ‘King of Africa’

James Obialore, aka James Brown, is a drag queen from Nigeria. He’s posted some new pictures of himself and it looks like a person.

He portrayed himself as “Ruler of Africa” ​​in the subtitle, using the title to suggest that his long periods of wearing the drag dress might have come to fruition.


This comes a few weeks after his tape was posted on the web and he mourned his crush.

In a new Instagram post, James shared some new photos of him wearing menswear and translated; ‘Meet the Governor of Africa’ Remember how yesterday James Brown Obialor responded to the viral video of him hanging out with a lady? After posting a video of the drag queen having sex with a lady, there has been a mix-up since she has been regularly accepted by web clients that she is attracted to men.

Web entertainment clients reprimanded him for being a prankster in various scenes.

James Brown answered by inquiring if they did not understand that he was person enough to have sex with a lady.

He experimented with his naysayers by welcoming them to hold their loved ones and sisters to check if they couldn’t help contradicting his manhood.