ITV WC Pundit Nadia Nadim Force To Leave Studio After Mother Killed By Truck

Nadim Nadim’s mother dies. The 34-year-old striker is currently in Qatar to work with the broadcaster. She was forced off the air on ITV after hearing of her mother’s death. Well, it is said that her mother was killed by a digger. This sad news appeared all over the internet and gained the attention of netizens. Let’s check out the details about the same in the below article.

ITV WC Pundit Nadia Nadeem is forced to leave the studio after her mother is killed on a truck

Who is Nadia Nadeem?

Nadia Nadim was on the ITV panel to broadcast Tuesday’s goalless tie between Denmark and Tunisia. But during the match, Nadia, who currently represents the US team Racing Louisville, had to leave the studio unexpectedly. Tragically, Hamida, the mother of the former Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain striker, passed away while on air. Nadia claimed that her mother was killed on Tuesday morning while she was returning from the gym.

The ITV World Cup teacher has lost her mother

The grieving commenter said of the victim that she was a “warrior who fought for every inch of her life.” She commented, “Words cannot express how I feel.” “The most important person in my life passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She wasn’t even 57. She was a fierce warrior who risked everyone for her freedom. She gave me life not just once, but twice, and she is responsible for everything that we and I are.” She lost my home And I know there will never be another feeling like it. Life is unfair, and I don’t know why it is the way it is.

“I will see you again because I love you. Please come and attend her funeral soon,” Nadia continued. Later, police in Denmark revealed that Hamida was actually killed by an excavator and not by a truck as was initially reported. The 57-year-old reportedly suffered a blow from behind by an ‘excavator on wheels’ near her home in Uldum, about 120 miles west of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, according to South East Jutland Police.

Hamida was returning from the gym on the road when the rig driver failed to notice her. According to police, the driver of the car swerved off the small country road to avoid a truck and crashed into the mother-of-five. Duty manager Torben Wind told Danish newspaper Horsens Folkblad that the car failed to see the woman crossing the road. Follow Social Telecast for more updates.